Astroship Gravitron - Game Jam 3


In Astroship Gravitron you are a controlling a space ship trying to pass the infamous 5 doge it challenges. In order to pass each level you must not let a single asteroid touch your ship. Each level has a timer counting down how many seconds you need to last. The game is fairly simple and if I had more time I would have added a lot more variance to the asteroid movement. However, I have a ton of finals and projects to turn in this week so this is all I have for now.

Screen Shots




  • D pad to move the ship
  • A to select menu
  • B to exit screen

Game Files

The git repository is located here:
(Note the code is very ugly and there are not many commits)

Thanks for playing!


Good job. Thank you for the help when I had trouble figuring out how to make things happen (not happen) in my game(s).

Best name since Gravitar!


Where are your priorities? Surely a Jam is more important than finals and papers …


Second broken link to that git. Probably the server having a bad day. I’ll check later to play.


You can now find a copy of Astroship Gravitron’s .hex file (and an online ProjectABE emulator link) on the Game Jam 3 polling page: [POLL] Game Jam 3 Vote!

If the original game links are not working, then you can use the following links to play the game: