I bought what was advertised to be a pro micro. But is clearly a nano ATMega328p. Regardless I’d like to try using it anyway. Could anyone help me with the wiring on it?

I also got the sh1106 display, idk if that changes the wiring or it’s just the homemade library I need.

Here is some photos of them.

I also understand this will be extremely incompatible with everything, but if I can make my own game for it I’ll be set.

You could try using this port of Arduboy2 to the Nano, but I’m not sure about the screen because the library I linked uses an I2C display. Regardless, you’d have to use @Mr.Blinky 's homemade package if you’re going to use that SH1106 display.

The thing is though, it’s sort of one over the other. Either the Nano port, or the re-compiled Arduboy2 for the SH1106. I may be wrong however, but I’ve never seen anyone using a Nano with an SPI display—especially an SH1106 one.


Well I guess I’ll have to combine the two. Although maybe I should first just get the display working without using the arduboy library.