Atomic Puzzle Pack

Puzzle_Atomic Puzzle Pack_Atomic Puzzle Pack.hex

Now on Github updated 11/1

It’s finished (I think), using 28,648 of 28,672 bytes.


Tried to delete this post but it didnt work so I’ll just edit it blank. There was an old video here.


wow nice! I like it ! screen effects are nicely done :smile:

Fantastic! I think this is the first multi-game pack :slight_smile:

Great job I will for sure have to use this one to demo prototypes to people! Nice work!!! We really need to get a better easier to use sound library!

Update in first post!

Dang that is really cool. Nice work!

As soon as I saw that your storage utilization was that close, I liked your post. Excellent video, that’s awesome!

Hey atomic !!! That’s awesome. Menu is very nice and game seems to be very interesting !!
Are you working on game dev or game design ?
Thanks for sharing

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Thanks all :grinning:

I don’t have any training and I’m not in school for it either, in Game Design or any programming at all. It’s a hobby and I’m completely self-taught.

Time to get started on the next project now…


Hey there, just got my retail Arduboy and I’m trying to load up this great looking Puzzle Pack. After uploading to the Arduboy though, it doesn’t actually do anything when you turn it on. No lights, nothing on the screen - very strange. Any idea what might be wrong? Other games upload and work just fine, so I’m at a loss :confused:

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This game contains it’s own local modified version of the Arduboy library (Ardumod.h & Ardumod.cpp). This library would be configured to use the DevKit version of the Arduboy, which uses different pins for virtually everything. It won’t work, as is, on a production Arduboy.

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Gah, another reason why everyone should be linking to the actual library not bundling it in their source files. @JO3RI When new features or bug fixes are added those games won’t get them. When production comes out those games are stuck only work on devkits, etc.


This custom library has a new function void sfx(const SFX_Data * data); added to audio.cpp. It would have to be moved to the sketch or it’s own local library.

I don’t know if there are other changes that prevent use of the official library.

Hey @AchillesPDX, thanks for posting. It’s most likely a library difference. Some of the first games out probably need a tune up to match the newer libs.

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We have a version for each device on our website.

one for the production arduboy.
one for the dev kit.

Libs can change all they want, both version will always work, because you don’t need to download anything else than the game (DEV or AB).

And neither will work on AB 1.1 when the pins change again. If you linked against the official library then someone would just bump the version of their library, compile and then everything would work.

One doesn’t have to modify a the library to add features or other functionals… you can build on TOP of the official library. Even if you want to include the official lib you could put it in it’s own file to make it easy for users to delete that file and build against the official libs instead.

We haven’t really had a compelling reason to work from the library until recently. I think it’s probably better to try and work in the direction of merging the libraries.

But of course at the end of the day this is all open source so as long as it works and it isn’t malicious in anyway it’s fine. I think this is why @JO3RI wants to standardize to a hex loader anyways because he can’t be bothered with gits and all that nonsense. I can’t say I blame him either! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is quite easily one of the best games out there for the Arduboy, @Atomic, congrats!

I agree hex loader would really help, but that’s not the world we live in (yet). It’s not either or though, hex loader means that using libraries properly makes even more sense - since only developers would be compiling things and they get the most benefit from easy to upgrade libraries.