Auduboy " Game & Watch" ManHole game with Source code

how to do upload source code on there?


The best way is to upload it to any version control service like github, gitlab or bitbucket.


As @Botisaurus says, using a source code host is best (GitHub is the most popular, followed by GitLab).

Alternatively if you know how to turn a folder into a .zip file I believe it’s possible to upload .zip files to the forum.

For a single .ino you could just use the code tags although I’m not sure if there’s a character limit

Quote and Insert code here 
or use ``` followed  by a new line 
insert your code 
new line and ```

Maybe a mod can make a code posting sticky if one doesn’t exist.

Please don’t.
It’s hardly readable here and may bring some complications when somebody (unexperienced) wants to run it. (copy/paste mistakes, formatting, bugfixing to name some)

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As far as I’m aware you can only pin one post per topic.

To be honest I think a better answer would be to try to get a ‘Beginners’ section dedicated to topics that everybody should read when first starting out, including a guide on markdown and one on general forum navigation.

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You could also trick discourse by renaming the .ino file to .pdf Like I did with this example:

mini-example.ino.pdf (941 Bytes)


You will need to rename the file extension back to .ino after downloading ofcourse.

For me the better way to share it is to use github but if you dont want use it, you can always share your source with for example or as a zip file if you have some other files as said by Pharap. You can share it with the forum or with some provides like:

I’m really happy to see your post and this new Game & watch port. I hope you’ll be able to share your code soon. So atm you have port Parachute / ManHold / Fire, isn’t it or i have missed another Game and watch port ?

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Thanks , everybody , i will try to best …

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Change name “manhold” is wrong …

2018_12_Manholdv1.02.ino.pdf (26.5 KB)

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please change .pdf to .ino file
game menu : game A push to A key , game B push to B key, and game over , push “up” to back to game title …

this game is try to make fast and basic game play on game & wtch manhole…

thanks, this game & watch manhole is new version… thank your help …

thank you very much…i will make more game on Arduboy… because i love Arduboy…

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thanks, i make it already

thank you very much!!

@Ken_Cheung this would be s great candidate to use ArduboyBeep

Sorry, what is mean ? :slight_smile:

You can add simple sound so it beeps like original.
See Arduboy2 examples BeepDemo

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good… this i know, but i don’t know how to do, thanks, i see this Beepdemo first