Auduboy " Game & Watch" ManHole game with Source code

(Ken Cheung) #1

how to do upload source code on there?

(Boti Kis) #3

The best way is to upload it to any version control service like github, gitlab or bitbucket.

(Pharap) #4

As @Botisaurus says, using a source code host is best (GitHub is the most popular, followed by GitLab).

Alternatively if you know how to turn a folder into a .zip file I believe it’s possible to upload .zip files to the forum.

(Scott R) #5

For a single .ino you could just use the code tags although I’m not sure if there’s a character limit

Quote and Insert code here 
or use ``` followed  by a new line 
insert your code 
new line and ```

Maybe a mod can make a code posting sticky if one doesn’t exist.

(Boti Kis) #6

Please don’t.
It’s hardly readable here and may bring some complications when somebody (unexperienced) wants to run it. (copy/paste mistakes, formatting, bugfixing to name some)

(Pharap) #7

As far as I’m aware you can only pin one post per topic.

To be honest I think a better answer would be to try to get a ‘Beginners’ section dedicated to topics that everybody should read when first starting out, including a guide on markdown and one on general forum navigation.


You could also trick discourse by renaming the .ino file to .pdf Like I did with this example:

mini-example.ino.pdf (941 Bytes)


You will need to rename the file extension back to .ino after downloading ofcourse.

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #9

For me the better way to share it is to use github but if you dont want use it, you can always share your source with for example or as a zip file if you have some other files as said by Pharap. You can share it with the forum or with some provides like:

I’m really happy to see your post and this new Game & watch port. I hope you’ll be able to share your code soon. So atm you have port Parachute / ManHold / Fire, isn’t it or i have missed another Game and watch port ?

(Ken Cheung) #10

Thanks , everybody , i will try to best …

(Ken Cheung) #11

Change name “manhold” is wrong …

(Ken Cheung) #12

2018_12_Manholdv1.02.ino.pdf (26.5 KB)

(Ken Cheung) #13

please change .pdf to .ino file
game menu : game A push to A key , game B push to B key, and game over , push “up” to back to game title …

this game is try to make fast and basic game play on game & wtch manhole…

(Ken Cheung) #14

thanks, this game & watch manhole is new version… thank your help …

(Ken Cheung) #15

thank you very much…i will make more game on Arduboy… because i love Arduboy…

(Ken Cheung) #16

thanks, i make it already

(Ken Cheung) #17

thank you very much!!

(Scott R) #18

@Ken_Cheung this would be s great candidate to use ArduboyBeep

(Ken Cheung) #19

Sorry, what is mean ? :slight_smile:

(Scott R) #20

You can add simple sound so it beeps like original.
See Arduboy2 examples BeepDemo

(Ken Cheung) #21

good… this i know, but i don’t know how to do, thanks, i see this Beepdemo first