Auduboy " Game & Watch" ManHole game with Source code

(Ken Cheung) #22

2018_12_Manholdv1.03.ino.pdf (26.8 KB)

(Ken Cheung) #23

Change it with Beep sound…on manhole

(Ken Cheung) #24

(Ken Cheung) #25

i do it… thank you very much!!

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #26

Many thanks fo your share Ken :wink:

(Pharap) #27

One of the problems with that approach is that some users who are only looking for games won’t know how to change the file extension on Windows (it’s hidden by default) so there would also have to be a .hex available.

Ultimately it would be better to ask @bateske if we can just have .ino files (and maybe .h, .cpp and .c files) whitelisted for upload.

(Ken Cheung) #28

how to use .ino file convert to .hex ? i use macbook to work it…

(Pharap) #29

Select Export compiled Binary:


Wait for the code to compile…

Look near the .ino file:

(Ken Cheung) #30


(Ken Cheung) #31

Thank you ! I can do it

(Scott R) #32

I’m kinda dumb because I know about the export binary but always navigate to the temp folder out of habit.

(Scott) #33

To easily find the .hex file, choose:
Sketch > Show Sketch Folder
(or use Ctrl+K)


It’s not as dumb as you think. As with Arduino 1.8.8 it’s the only way to get a .hex file without saving changes. Somehow they deciced you need to save your sketch before you are allowed to do an export. But you can still compile/upload without saving and grab the .hex file from the temp folder.

(I have the ‘save when verifying/uploading’ option deselected ofcourse)

(Stephane C) #36

Would it be possible to have your 2 games combined in 1 sketch? I might play with that idea if you are not already…

(Scott R) #37

I was thinking this for a game and watch gallery style pack.

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #38

Great idea, with a select menu like Atomic Puzzle Pack :wink: