Awesome homemade arduboy fx

Here is my homemade Arduboy FX which is actually a shield for the Arduino Leonardo! I built the whole thing to fit into a Gameboy candy tin I got from my local grocery store. I wanted to give credit and thanks to Mr Blinky, for his creation of the mod chip/serial flash memory upgrade to the arduboy, and also credit to Wermy who is the creator of the Minty Pi which gave me this idea. Anyway, Thanks for checking this out and let me know what you think!


Nicely done.

Be careful not to cut your fingers on the metal!

LOL thanks, I filed down all the edges though. No worries.

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At first I thought you hacked up an actual gameboy and I’m like… that’s not… right. But it’s a candy tin so that’s awesome! Cool you got it working as a shield version something I’ve thought about.

i have that exact gameboy tin and am saving it for a project just like this :D!

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