Awfully quiet today

rainy day here in the valley, nothing to do but work on new arduboy games, still the chit chat here is amusing, but your all too quiet today

We used to use an IRC chat room to just talk about stuff, I think its probably still up

I was thinking maybe it might be fun to put a little web chat into the community page, but still thinking about it…

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i like that idea, more community is always a good thing

I feel like web chats sometime kill communication via threads and overall contribute to a forum’s lack of content. :frowning:

Talk about the chickens where you live!! I want to hear more!

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@crait well the chickens are driving me nuts, they knocked over a few of my potted mint plants IN my office today, im still not shure how the hell there getting in here, the baby meat chickens are turning into giant poop monsters so now i have to clean out the brooder a few times a day so they dont live in poop

i named 2 of the meat chickens curly jr (one is curly jr jr) so i have to convince my boss we cant eat those ones

crazy story… I went on a walk yesterday on a mission to find some cats and pet them but came across two chickens instead! super curious, they came up to the fence and ate a blade of grass i offered them. didnt give them names.

@bateske i see you edited my post… did i break some rule? i am trying not to, if you could point out to me what i did, i can avoid it in the future

@curly, He just moved it from" General" to “Off Topic” thats all


haha quiet because I was busy refreshing the main site’s “Store” page every 5 mins. ;-/

I do agree, in chat sometimes very useful info never gets to reach everyone, let’s keep forum threads as is.

i only refreshed it every hour or so lol