Back to the Jungle: Entry for the Jam

Here is my entry for the Jam :mega: :mega:

The Zoo had to close, what can the animals do?
It is a small arcade game, inspired slighty on frogger (but sideways).



Use my Arduboy Uploader to install the game now (copy and open the url below):


or download the hex file or compile the code if you prefer.

Hex file: back2jungle.hex



  • v1.8: Code cleanup
  • v1.7.1: Showing the score at the ending scene
  • v1.7: Skip dialog is faster and merging Pharap fixes



Great Scott! Can’t wait to give this a go it looks cool.

I love the music, the story and the funny characters.:monkey_face:

It’s dificult but addictive. Great one!!

Thanks :monkey:

I tried to tune up a bit the difficulty to be like the “old” NES games. Short but hard. Maybe I can tune it eventually down. Need more testers :smiley:

I never knew how much I hated penguins…

Random Delorean in traffic,
Scores (if keeping) on a segmented display like the date clock.

edit: My attempt at a Deloran…

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Hahah looks perfect. It is actually a great idea; I will add it. It will replace a normal car by random chance.

I am not sure how to score things. I will think on something

The DeLorean appear at random with a small B2F jingle :blush:

I am still thinking how to add the scoring…

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Looks awesome.
How about adding a game of chance to the delorean, if player hit - time travel forward or back one safe zone or die ?

That is now how crashes work :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not want to get too away from original design. Adding the DeLorean was a nice easter egg, I will try to upload the new version with the DeLorean and score soon.

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The new v1.2 now includes the DeLorean and Hi-scores :smiley:

Also I uploaded a gameplay video.

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I’m really impressed by how much you’ve fit into this game! xD

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uhmm getting an error compiling;

#include <PGMWrap.h>


Go into the Library Manager and install the PGMwrap library

Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries...

Filter your search for PGMwrap


thanks! I only checked all arduboy/arduboy2 related libraries to make sure they were up to date, didn’t think lol

edit: haha this is pretty funny, got me where I thought wtf 65535 snakes to help? Penguin is hard tho…

You have to read Mr. Mico help, is not really hard until you know the secrets :joy:

I think the only things I don’t like about this game is having to wade through the cut scenes every time, and I get stuck on the top edge of the screen if I’m pushing up while trying to move over.

Very impressive graphics and sound. Was wondering how to get music and sound effects going at the same time. Guess I have to try the ArduboyPlaytune library. Don’t even mind that I can’t get the penguin to the other side since I saw my spouse do it. :smiley: So much more I could say. Awesome entry!

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You could always edit the source code to add the option to do so and then make a pull-request to try to get it added to the official version.

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But that would be cheating! :wink:

playing97 nets this game a Pegi 12.
Bonus points for tip9 though, nice easter egg.
(There’s a few spelling and grammar mistakes though.)

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This game trolls you hard. :smiley:

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