Bad display? [SOLVED]

Hi everyone!

I have a Kickstarter Edition that I purchased at Makers Faire in San Mateo early in the summer. I think Arduboy is awesome. I downloaded and installed arduino - the example sketches made it super easy to understand the programming framework.

Unfortunately as soon as I uploaded one of the examples (without making any changes), the display of my Arduboy kind of went nuts. Whatever is displayed seems to be split in about 12 parts and the whole display keeps scrolling to the right. Even the simply “hello world” example sketch is deployed in multiple pieces and keeps scrolling to the right.

I tried uploading different Sketches and also tried reset with a paper clip. Neither seems to fix the behavior of the display. Is there something obviously wrong/stupid that I am doing, or could this just be a bad HW unit?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

I’m guessing you’re using the latest 1.6.10 release of Arduino IDE. The Arduboy library has a problem caused by the compiler in this IDE version being more efficient, which corrupts the Arduboy display.

Until the Arduboy library is fixed, please use Arduino version 1.6.9.
Also, from the IDE menu:
Tools > Board: > Boards Manager...
make sure that you are using “Arduino AVR Boards Built-in by Arduino” version 1.6.11


Arduboy library V1.1.1 has now been released, with a fix for the display corruption problem when using Arduino IDE 1.6.10. You should be able to update to Arduboy V1.1.1 using the Arduino Library Manager.