Badges? curly needs some stinking badges

now ive read 2 threads today with well over 100 replies, yet i dont have this badge… why?
beginning to end

:slight_smile: Reading a thread means that you’ve read every post in the thread, not just a few of them. The forum knows how to tell if you’ve read every post. :wink: I don’t pay too much attention to badges on this site, but I do know that the best badges are awarded for really, really helpful or really, really thought-out responses.

For instance, this is one of my first posts on this site and it got a lot of attention because it was helpful to the person running the thread and others who may be browsing the thread:


@crait’s right, most people don’t care about the badges. This is certainly the first time I’ve actually seen anyone bring attention to them.

I notice that most of those reader badges were handed out in May and June last year, so most of those people probably got hooked on a particularly interesting topic or had been present every time a particular thread was added to, so rather than reading all 100 entries at once they did it in a certain number of days.

Besides which all it does is prove that someone is patient enough to read that many replies (hence I’m not there :P).

bull i read EVERY POST top to bottom, i even read extra slow so they wouldnt think i was skimming :stuck_out_tongue:
i know they dont matter

and apparently the badge distributor was lazy and just now game me my stinking badge :smiley: