Basic Circuits

I want to start learning more about electronics but I also want to make things. I don’t know enough to design my own circuits. So I thought it would be nice to build a list of basic circuits like building blocks. For example, I made a Arduboy Clone but it didn’t have a Lipo Charger. It would have been nice to add that to the PCB I had made.
It would have been nice to add something like this.

Like I said I don’t know electronics very well, would this type of thinking work? Simple circuits as building blocks for a larger project?

Here is a couple ideas I had for some Simple Circuits:

  • 5V(USB) Lipo Charger
  • Lipo 3.7 -> 3.3v or 5V
  • Sound AMP
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Same circuit as the production version only slightly different values!

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I think I have a couple of these laying around, this is where I chose to use this part pretty much it’s also fairly universal.

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If you are talking about using modules to build something like an arduboy then you can define footprints for modules and use those to build a circuit/board. It’s fairly easy to make your own components in something like eagle and build up your own library.

I have been using easyEDA to do my PCBs.

What are some other Simple Circuits or Modules that would be useful with Arduino based projects?

Yes, on kickstarter you have some intersting module using very cool system of connexions.
For education, a simple solution to plug wires to connect modules is important and of course, a good documentation to use module and examples to combine them (to give lust to buy some other modules).

Useful modules for arduino projects would include serial to usb adapters, lipo charging circuitry, I/O port expanders, bluetooth/wifi boards, parallel level shifting (5V to 3V or vice versa), real time clock, etc. The thing is most of this already exists in module form and can be fairly cheaply purchased pre-made. If you are planning on designing your own embedded system or kit though or need something specific then of course you can always design your own to meet your needs.

For me creating a module is useless in this case without a formation plan or something like that to learn how to use it, assemble it, combine it. Not to do all the possibilities but some cool examples: Create your Arduboy, adding two potentiometers to play pong, make a remote control attached to to Arduboy to command a little robot or car, … With cool tutorials, for me it’s could find his public if the connexions are more easy than the already existing modules (Take care, there is already similar kits on the market but your could have his own public if it’s well done and cheaper as alot are enough expensives), but i have maybe not well understood that you would do Agent6