Bateske board twitter sell

Please tell me how to buy one @bateske?


Depends on where you are in the world, PM me your location and I can give you a shipping quote. I’ll send as many as you want.

EDIT: Actually we will set this up in the store! Standby!

Alright i will wait! But i live in pennsylvania @bateske.

We put the boards in the store! We are testing out the site check it out!

Let us know if you run into any problems or errors on the site!

Bought 4 of each, had no problems! :smiley:

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Please tell me these are still available and not out of stock

There may or may not be one power user out there with the entire stock, total hypothetical. If there was such a user… maybe they want to sell you one : P Because yeah, they sold out quick.

That’s annoying, would have loved one, should have limited them to 1 per customer lol

I still have a few more if you PM I got you covered :wink:

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Don’t think I can pm you yet as my “trust level” isn’t high enough lol


Wait, now I can, clicking “Like” promoted me, have sent you a PM lol!

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Dev kits for $29 on the store!

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I know you are still working hard in China Kev, but are the prototype boards you have still available? didn’t hear back from my PM. Cheers.

Yes, sorry I’ve been traveling a ton. I’ve got some with me! I’ve seen your message sorry I haven’t had a chance to respond!

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No worries fella, I know you have been busy, was just wondering if I missed them, definitely want to take a couple off you.

Hope China went well.

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I hate to do it here, @bateske, I paid for these 2 1/2 months ago, hoping to get them in time for my son for Christmas, didn’t hear from you after I paid and gave you my address, sent a friendly reminder hoping to get them in the new year in time for my sons birthday, still nothing. Sent another message 9 days ago asking if I could just have the cash for the prototype boards back as my son has lost interest in this project now. Still no reply.