+ battery pad is broken

Hi !
just wanted a hint…
Seems like my arduboy was dropped one to many times…

seems like the + battery pad does not contact anymore.

Any hint on how I could repair my device ?

thanks !

If you want to send it in for a free repair you can arduboy.com/contact/ get in touch for an RMA. If you would like to do it on your own you’ll need to buy a new battery to replace it as the tabs cannot be soldered.

Wow thanks !
for a first time solderer,
how would you rate this repair if I try it myself ?

I would like to try it but I would also like to not kill my arduboy ! :worried:

Would I need special equipment or a soldering iron would suffice ?

I would probably not recommend it for a first time solderer but at the same time, it is not difficult. I don’t think you would break anything really, you just have to be very careful with the new battery and not break the new tabs (don’t fold or move them too much).

Any soldering iron will work, preferably one that is meant for electronics and not for sweating copper pipes. Don’t bother with a very cheap iron, you’ll want at least 50W I would recommend 75W or more.

Also after you are done add some tape over the connections to make it stronger so it doesn’t happen again. I use polyamide tape for this but anything would probably work ok. Maybe I or another user could record a video of a battery swap.

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We definitely need this at some point.
If nothing else it would help people decide whether it’s something they can attempt on their own.

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I already swapped out mine twice months ago it’s pretty easy for an amateur but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone lacking in some soldering experience and finding a suitable battery outside the US is a nightmare.

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Thank you !
I sent a message through the contact form.
I’ll try my hand at soldering on something less fragile !

By the way, what would be a good way to learn how to solder ?
Which component would be fun to solder wihtout a lot of risk ?

There is lots of guides online, starting with something that is through-hole is probably better. Even learning to solder two wires together is something that you can learn in a few seconds but takes a lifetime to master.

There are kits online that are sold to teach you how to solder. I was actually thinking of putting one together.

This is a cool comic made by Mitch Altman that is probably the most comprehensive and easy to understand guide on soldering.

Personal note, I hate rosin core solder it makes a huge mess. Just use flux separately.


Flux is your biggest friend.