Battle for Zuthrah BUG FIXES

Hello all,

I was incredibly happy with all the feedback I had gotten with from the community
here on my game! So I took a for a mins and finally got around to adding a couple big
fixes that were day I may do some real work on this to make it more than
what it currently is, but for now life is always jumping in the way. ENJOY!!!

      BUG FIXES------------
  • press A&B at game over screen to start a new game, NO MORE POWER CYCLE!

  • raised the score limit to support 16 bit integer, if you beat this score than idk because… yea



for the record everybody, im the one who got a score so high it reset the score to zero :smiley:

@curly, For the record, you’re also the one who recently said you like the Arduboy because you can modify the games yourself (like making it easier to get a high score). :wink:

Just kidding :grin:


lol turnabout is fair play, however in that case i did not modify the game… well i did but only so i didnt have to turn it off and on every time i died

in no way did i enhance my score :stuck_out_tongue: