Hello, My name is Taniguchi Kotaro.
I made a spaceship shooter game.
Starting from Neptune, we aim at the Earth via the solar system planet.
Let 's save the earth from the enemy.

  • Star Plan
    This game is a fight in the universe.
  • Kusoge
    This game is Kusoge…
  • Education
    You can experience the distance between planets.



Very cool graphics.

And nicely calling out all three categories you qualify for …


Detailed explanation of this game

  • Move operation
    Each time you press the direction button, it accelerates in the direction you pressed.
    Since there is no air resistance in the universe, movement follows the law of inertia.
    Please accelerate in the reverse direction to decrease the speed.
    Press and hold the direction button to ignite the main jet.
    Each time the main jet is ignited, the Orbiter will accelerate greatly.
    If you continue to accelerate it will be displayed as overspeed.
    Because the distance between the planets is very far away, overspeed is necessary for the movement.

  • Rail gun
    When reaching Uranus it will be equipped with a rail gun, and after that it will be able to fire bullets.
    When firing bullets, the orbiter is accelerated greatly in the opposite direction by recoil.
    The main jet is ignited automatically so that the current speed is maintained.
    It is possible to turn the rail gun backwards by pressing the A button.

  • Game over conditions
    If the Orbiter hits an enemy, it will be game over.
    Please avoid enemies or firing bullets with a rail gun and erase enemies.
    When the Orbiter arrives at the planet with overspeed, it destroys the planet and becomes a game over.
    Please slow down before arrival.

  • Difficult place
    There is no rail gun between Neptune and Uranus.
    The main jet breaks down between Jupiter and Mars.
    Enemies increase between Mars and the Earth.
    In the final battle, we will depart from the Earth towards enemies as large as the planet.
    The Orbiter can not avoid enemies as large as the planet, and the bullets of the rail gun will not work.

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