BattleNetBoy(Action card game)

Hello,My name is SUMA.
This game was inspired by “Mega Man Battle Network” and created it.
This game is an action card game fighting with 15 card decks.
We move 9 squares of 3 × 3 square and fight.
The one who first reduced the opponent’s HP to 0 is the winner.

You can download from here


You can see this game video here.


This is really nice !!

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Wow, i have to try this!

Using randomSeed(0) in setup() will give you the same sequence of numbers returned by random() for every game. If you want the sequence to be different each time the Arduboy is powered on, use arduboy.initRandomSeed()


Could you provide a hex/arduboy file, too?

I’ll compile you one quickly:

(Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a licence, so I just linked to the github in the description to serve as attribution.)


So nice, thank you very much!

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the code is 4 byte bigger for my diy Arduboy (arduino leonardo) when compile it on the Arduino IDE.

Sketch uses 28676 bytes (100%) of program storage space. Maximum is 28672 bytes

guess have too sacrifice few things to get it running on my custom arduboy hardware

Edit: Got it working from @Pharap hex File. Thanks for it

Be careful using regular Arduboy hexes if your custom Arduboy has different hardware.

Are you using a customised version of the Arduboy2 library?
Which version is it based on?

Try getting a copy of the most recent version of Arduboy2 and modifying that.
It will include my drawCompressed overhaul which should save around ~154 bytes (110 from my changes, 44 from a suggestion by Mr.Blinky).
(This game uses drawCompressed a lot.)

Also thank you, you just inadvertantly reminded me that I forgot to update Arduboy2.
I just updated the gist to a version that uses 5.0.0.

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got the arduboy2 library few months back from the lib manager from the IDE itself. I only modified the Arduboy2Core.h Library just to change to Speaker Pin on Pin 13 to Pin 3 for my custom arduboy hardware. I think its time to update the library then. Thanks again for the Help

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You did a great job on this one! A lot of fun and nice graphics.


Thank you very much.
I added about license to github.
I have just started making Arduboy’s games, so I still do not understand what hex files are like.
If you do not mind please tell me how to make a hex file.

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Thank you very much.
We will make corrections about it the next time we update.


A .hex file is a plaintext file that represents machine code.
I think Arduino uses this .hex format.

To create a .hex file of your game:

Then you get a BattelNetBoy.ino.arduino_leonardo.hex file next to your BattleNetBoy.ino file:

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It was such a thing.
Thank you for telling me politely.

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I am very happy.
Thank you for playing.


I updated the contents of the game.
Change randomSeed, add SP level above enemy level 3, fixed bug that Gust did not come out from the back.

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Did you update all files on github? Then i have to try it out later😊

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Yes, I updated github. Please by all means.