Bay Area Maker Faire 2019 [Help Wanted]

(Kevin) #1

Arduboy will be sponsoring a booth at the BAMF this year, and I was curious who might be interested in coming to help out at the booth?

The closer you are to SF the better but interested to hear from anyone in the states or who would be there otherwise! :slight_smile:

(Kevin) #2

:cricket: :cricket: :cricket:

(Pharap) #3

I don’t think I’ll be able to swim across the pond in time.


You can mail me a plane ticket :+1:

(Kevin) #5

I might actually be willing to fly someone out but probably not international.

(Scott R) #6

Maybe we can share an inner tube or one of the abandoned dingy from the Kent coast.

(Shawn) #7

I’d love to help/hang out but I’m east coast and getting the time off work would likely be difficult.

(Kevin) #8

Gonna start to get desperate soon and set up a telepresence bot, you can tell people about arduboy from your webcam.

(Pharap) #9

We’d have to drag it across to the other side of the country though, America’s west, not east.

I think either Cornwall or Wales would be the best bet for setting off from,
the closer the land, the less paddling we’d have to do.

I’m fairly certain any fishing port would have a suitable fishing boat to steal purchase.
(And they’d never notice us steal it if we used one of the smuggler’s caves in the dead of night.)

Failing that we’ll do the traditional “brit abroad” thing and paddle over on a tacky lilo.
(Never knew ‘lilo’ was actually a company. So much for my infamous “Brits don’t genericise trademarks” post. :P.)

You’d have to send us webcams first.
A lot of us don’t own one on account of our ugly mugs.

(@Keyboard_Camper- or should that be our ugly ‘boats’? :P)


You’re gana have to drag it across this country too unless your goinh the long way and pick up the auslanders as well

(Kevin) #11

If you sell 100 Arduboys I can fly you out. Arduboy is now a pyramid scheme. You buy the Arduboys then try to get other people underneath you to buy them. If you get enough people under you, then you you can get a pink Cadillac.


The correct term is a multi level marketing co. Can’t be saying the p word.

(Kevin) #13

Reverse funnel, I forgot.


(Pharap) #14

In that case we’ll just ‘borrow’ a couple of Lancasters from a museum,
it’ll provide a much more impressive entrance, especially with the dam busters theme playing.

(cyril guichard) #15

It’s a week end and I don’t work on Fridays - I can check if there are any department duties at my school, but if there aren’t any (which is not a given, because it falls close to the end of our quarter) and you are willing to offer flight/hotel, I’ll be happy to help with the booth.
(edit: I live in Savannah, GA, so it is a bit far)