Bay Area Maker Faire Meetup

Hey all,

Not sure how many of you are planning to be in the San Francisco Bay Area for the Maker Faire the week of May 15-21, and I haven’t seen any plans for a meetup on this Community forum. If none exist, maybe we could get together casually for some drinks and snacks and talk Arduboy. Anyone interested?


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I’m going, but we won’t have a booth for the first time in 3 years :open_mouth:

But yeah sure lets have a meetup! We can probably piggyback on the hackaday meetup

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Sounds good, let’s coordinate when we get closer to the date.

Anyone else in the area, it would be great to see you

Can I join too? I don’t have an Arduboy, but I’ve been given orders to try to get some signed by @bateske


Heck yeah! See you there

Well I just bought my tickets, I’ll be there both days. Looks like I’ll be at the Seeed Studio booth both days 4-5pm!


Awesome! See you there

:[ Wish I could make it!

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For anyone going, Hackaday opened their RSVP for the meetup, I’m gonna go to this: