Beam 'em Up [Game Jam 5]

Here’s the current build, so you don’t need to scroll down to see it.

BeamEmUp.hex (46.5 KB)

Original first post below:

Since I got my system a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking of game ideas. I thought I’d try something a little quirky, so here’s my WIP version of Beam 'em Up. You play a space squid that just wants to mess with some local cows. Move around the multi-screen landscape and use the A button to tractor beam the creatures and move them around the screen. Stopping the beam will let them go, but they’re pretty resilient. A+B will reset to title screen.

I’ve got plans to actually add a little more gameplay and tune up the beam physics, but what I’ve got is pretty fun to play with right now. Big thanks to @Pharap for his FixedPoint code (and I peaked at his physics code too for ideas), and to @filmote for hosting the TeamARG sprite converter.

BeamEmUp.hex (37.1 KB)

Source code is released under Apache 2.0 at


I got them all at the same time! Are you gonna add a goal of dropping them into a designated collection area or something?

Yes, some sort of holding cell is in the future… And maybe a particle effect penalty for dropping them from too high and some horizontally moving annoyances that can jostle your squid as they go by.

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I’ve still got a few tweaks to make, but here’s a much better version 2 – now with a meteor to knock you around, scoring, more in-game instructions, better physics, and moos!

BeamEmUp.hex (42.0 KB)


I like this very much, I got to 12 cows which seems to be the cap.

I was thinking about if it would be possible to have the meteorite explode when it hits the UFO? As when I fly into the meteorite you can get it stuck, constantly flipping its x velocity.

I was hoping for moo sounds!

If anything, I think your ‘unwired’ logo isn’t on screen long enough!

Yeah, a end-of-level banner/animation, meteor tuning, and sound tuning are all in the works for tonight. I’m surprised that you got to the cap, @Spartanfox, I’m not that good myself yet

Thanks for all the feedback.

I bounce from left to right of the map going as fast as I can but only use the beam in one direction, grouping the cows to one side which makes them much easier to collect

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I really like how the cows just say “moo” no matter if I just tried to abduct them. The simple things makes the experience worthwhile lol

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Here’s my final version for the Jam… I may do some updates after it’s all over, but I’ve got other game ideas I want to try too. Thanks again for all the feedback. This one adds a little tune and message between levels and increases the max cows to 15. It also makes the meteor disappear on a hit while giving your squidship a little more momentum.

BeamEmUp.hex (46.5 KB)


I got em all, thankfully sweeping them to the corner still works.

The meteor is definitely more of an obstacle now whereas before you could brute force your way through it.

In terms of after updates the only thing I could recommend is some kind of flashing arrow showing you where the meteor is when its close but off screen. But that may make the game too easy, and depends on the direction you want to take in the future.

But as the game is right now it’s very playable and I enjoy playing it, I wonder what the maximum cows you could possibly fit into an arduboy is now.

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I just posted this game up to, mostly as a test for uploading there with in-browser emulator. You can see that page at