beepPin doesnt work without arduboy.begin()

I’m trying to use arduboy.boot() and then beep.begin() but it doesnt work. I can only get beeps to work with arduboy.begin()

@mlxxp is there a way I’m supposed to do this? shouldnt beep.begin() handle the gpio?

Update: this works:


Yup, you need something to set up the speaker pins. You need audio.begin() even for ArduboyTones or ArduboyPlaytune.

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Is there a reason why beep.begin() doesn’t call

Probably because arduboy.begin() already calls

Rule #1 of using boot instead of begin is to make sure you know what begin normally does so you know which parts you need to add manually. E.g. no arduboy.flashlight() means no ‘flashlight’ mode.

It seems kind of silly considering how far abstracted beep is out that it can’t properly construct itself. I’d agree with you if I was asking about doing arduboy.beep() or something but I’ve already defined and init a class already.

I’m not sure I’d call BeepPin1 and BeepPin2 particularly abstract, they’re just collections of static functions.

If they were both responsible for implementing what Arduboy2Audio::begin does then if you tried to use both BeepPin1::begin() and BeepPin2::begin() you’d end up calling the audio initialisation code twice.

By having it separate:

  • You can be sure to only initialise general audio only once
  • Audio libraries don’t have to concern themselves with whether audio is enabled or disabled, or what the mechanism for determining that is
    • I.e. they don’t need to know about EEPROM, let alone which flag is responsible for determining if audio should be enabled - see “Separation of Concerns

Either way, it’s not an issue when using arduboy.begin(), you only need to know about audio.begin() if you’re not using arduboy.begin().

Fine, as long as there are a bunch of reasons with sub reasons.