Best of Arduboy 2016

It’s almost 2017, so I decided to make a list of my 4 favorite Arduboy games/apps that have come out so far this year! (These are in no particular order.) Feel free to add in your own!

Hallow Seeker

By @obono

Very fun, endless game that’s easy to pick up and play. Has cute graphics as well as some simple sound effects. It has a high score system but also remembers how long you’ve played.

Arduboy Gamepad

By @fuopy

Very cool app that can turn your Arduboy into a gamepad or keyboard to connect to your PC or console with a USB cable. Very easy to set up a new layout and save it. I’ve used this to play some games on my PC.

Virus LQP-79

By @fuopy, @JO3RI, Castpixel, Justin Cyr and STG

Another Team A.R.G. game that, of course, has beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, as well a nostalgic feel. Many built-in levels and high scores make this game great.

Tiny 2048

By @akkera102

Very simple reacreation of a 2048 game for the Arduboy. The graphics are scaled nicely and the animation is smooth. Some games take very long so a lot of time can be spent with this one!


I am really enjoying mystic balloon. Just the right balance of difficulty/frustration in this cute platformer.

Hey perhaps we should start a 2017 game-dev contest


Hey, that’s not such a bad idea!

fancy giving me a hand?

perhaps kevin could drop a Tetris Microcard as a prize? :grin:

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Circuit dude is best game hands down.


I’m down with this, but what would the criteria be? Would we use community voting to establish the points?

I think it would be cool if we had a bank of random words/topics and your game has to creatively use at least one of those words/topics as a main part of its gameplay. :slight_smile:

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Hah, I like something based on that idea but it wouldn’t necessarily be a level playing field since I would imagine some users would get something easier or more fun to implement? Maybe if you were allowed to re-roll a few times?

Or maybe we could publish a certain set of like 3 to 5 ideas and people could chose one?

Or maybe just even one topic? Like, racing game?

But I like the idea. The Nyan Cat challenge was pretty awesome but nobody actually finished making a game!

My idea would be a bank of words than all devs could choose from. Each dev would be able to pick and choose from a seemingly random bank of words. We could encourage them to mix and match as many of them as they could.

For instance, an example word bank could be…


Maybe they could make a bowling game where you knock over gnomes instead of bowling pins. :stuck_out_tongue: Meanwhile, someone could make a game where you’re an eagle that has to dodge falling coconuts.

Let me put a draft post together. You can have a look before it’s posted.

Let’s carry the conversation of a potential contest in this thread:

How about making this game

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What is that game? Do you fire at the ships above you?

Tomytronic 3D Sky Attack yes you fire at them above very addictive .

Too bad it’s portrait vs landscape.

Ho yes ! Love this game. I remember…

Today I try to make a “Tomytronic Tron” like. I make level 2 and 3 (with MCP, remember), but I don’t know how to manage IA for the race motocycle…