Beta Team A.R.G. Anthology for Android

I have been working on an Android port of 3 Team A.R.G. games.
Looking for any testers and feedback available.

Missing Virus, but this is an early version.

Link to the Beta APK


Probably could do with round buttons at the absolute least.


Looks cool, I’ll check it out and let you know my impressions after I had a play with it.

Don’t take it bad but, what’s the point of doing this if you can already do exactly this on any phone using online projectABE?

What if you’re not in range for Wi-Fi, have to pay for or don’t have a data plan, or it would otherwise cost you to play online?


Well you can preload a page that has the game you want to play using ProjectABE. That’s how I managed to do it anyway. You can even add shortcut icons on your home screen that goes directly to the game too. Only issue with the shortcut way is that the game loads and work but you can’t see the image of the buttons. All this is working offline, well for me at least. Maybe it’s just my phone.

I use the Arby Emulator app on Android, where you can download .hex and .arduboy files and play them offline.

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Yeah that’s still not as cool as having it locally. Specially on iOS which tends to trash certain apps for resources. But sadly this won’t be on iOS…

@blakewford please do something with the ui. I’ve attached some buttons for you/android.


Download the asset here.


I did not know about the Arby Emulator. That’s neat.
Generally, I do these projects to satisfy personal and research interest.

With both versions, scaling is probably the killer feature, but mostly its just about choice. I would never try to directly compete with other open source contributors.

My ports are native builds so there are some updates I can make with relative ease. The PC version is hooked into the Steam Community so you can easily share screenshots and such. You can also update the tint color of the screen from white to red, blue, or green. I’d like to do a post to Twitter feature and other add-ons of that nature. All the fun, but with a mobile focus.

I also listen for requested features.

At the end of the day, its more about my fan appreciation and increasing the visibility of the work happening here. In a word marketing. I’ve recently realized that access to .hex files, emulators etc will never be as straightforward to some as it is for others. Apps however are a level of abstraction higher and easier to engage with. Ultimately it might funnel in other contributors.

And with all the sizes!!!

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I’ll tighten up the layout a bit more before I upload a new build.


Can you add support for Bluetooth controller like the 8bitdo new controller?
And if so maybe it could switch to full screen landscape mode if it detects a controller?

And if you make it so that there is eeprom support and support all Arduboy games, this could be something I’d really look into using.

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New version available. Layout update.

I am interested in the bluetooth controller work. I have an 8bitdo for my SNES Classic and some initial research suggests it would not be too hard. Less interested in landscape mode, but I’ll see what I can do.

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