Better Development Environment?

Hello, I am looking for something that will allow me to test my program virtually before I port it on my arduboy, something that will allow me to look at a console or registers for debugging.

Anyone know of something that will do this? Is there a plugin for the Arduino IDE? Anyone have any luck linking the libraries to Visual Studio?


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I just posted this - not exactly what you’re asking for, but there’s some related info:

I use VSCode for the actual development and either ProjectABE or SIM-AVR for testing.

I sometimes use a screen movie capture program (oOn my Macintosh its part of the Quicktime suite but there must be plenty of them around) so that I can record the screen actions / updates along with the serial logging. When I replay the movie, I can progress frame by frame if I need to see what was logged at exactly what time. This is useful for picking up issues that occur ‘randomly’ or as a result of the user’s actions.


I don’t know about registers, but you can use the Serial library to output debug information over USB to the Arduino IDE’s serial monitor.

I usually find that’s enough for me to find all but the weirdest of bugs.

wow thank you. Do you know how to link Arduboy2 with visual studio? I keep trying but I keep messing it up :frowning:

Errr. … I did it ages ago and cannot really remember. I cannot even find the link to the instructions I used.

I think @pharap did it recently.

Unfortunately not.
I know there’s an Arduino extension but I’ve never used it.

I think you might be thinking of the time I was trying to use C# to access the bootloader commands.

I vividly recall a discussion about getting the intellisense working on VSCode. Maybe the conversation was with someone else?

Visual Studio Code, but not Visual Studio which I thought was the case here.

@zen77 are you using Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code?

You are right, he mentions Visual Studio not VS Code.

I mean Visual Studio Community 2017. Not Visual Studio Code. I use VSC for html css stuff.

In that case sorry, I don’t have a clue. I’ve never installed the Arduino plugin for mainline Visual Studio.

If you want to get Visual Studio Code up and running then the Arduino plugin for that works quite well.
That’s what both @filmote and I use for development.

If you are using VSC already … then why not for the Arduino?

I think @zen77 means Visual Studio Community for html & css.

Right … well I am confused. So he uses Visual Studio Community only and abbreviates it to VSC which is the same abbreviation that you might use for Visual Studio Code.

OK @zen77 why not download a copy of VSCode - its free like your community edition.

I apologize if this isn’t your problem and I’m telling you things you already know. That said:

I use Visual Studio. I already use it for work with c#/.NET, so I figured I might as well be comfortable in my IDE while I’m learning so much other totally new stuff. Also, I probably can’t live without Intellisense :rofl:

These instructions tell you how to get visual micro running in visual studio:

I had problems with the libraries. I installed them both in the Arduino IDE and VS. You have to make sure the path is exactly the same if you’ve changed from the default location. I had to look up how to reset it in Visual Micro. You click on the IDE dropdown and click the option. One of the fields allows you to set the location of your sketchbook.

For me, the problem came back on the next project. I fiddled with it after creating a new project, trying to get it to work correctly again, until finally I saved it, closed it, reopened it, and it recognized my library location and intellisense would pull from it for autocomplete and all that.

If you’re really running into trouble, and you’re really sure your library location is set the same in both but VS refuses to see it, you can type the path in (visual studio will guide you) to enable intellisense, and then chop it down to just the actual file (so <Arduboy\src\Arduboy.h> to <Arduboy.h> to build it. If the paths really are the same, even if visual micro/ VS won’t recognize it, they will use the arduino IDE you’ve specified to build, and it will take the code, find the libraries and build correctly. Then you’d have to add the paths back in VS to continue using intellisense. I think this is a last resort, though, that I haven’t had to use since I figured out where the menu is to reset the library location in Visual Micro (though each new project takes a bit of jiggling).

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YES THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! Thank you. That plugin works perfectly for me. So its 90 day free trial like winrar? What a cool dev team :slight_smile:

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Nice! Happy to help.
They do have a really generous license, especially since they’ve got a 5 star average with tons of reviews. People really love it. I’m just getting started with it (and Arduino/Arduboy in general), but I’m a big fan so far.

Visual Studio Code has intellisense, it takes a bit of tweaking to get working (editing a folder to put a few paths in) but not as much fiddling as what you’ve described regular VS as having.

(That said, I’ve learned to live without it anyway. I was using Notepad++ before.)

If you’re ever in need of a replacement for winrar, consider 7zip, it’s free.