Better Development Environment?

That’s a good call out about VSC having intellisense. A lot of the front end guys at my work have switched after being pretty devoted to other editors (one guy thought he’d never switch from Sublime), and I think intellisense had a lot to do with it.

Some of this is the plugin and some was my inexperience, so I hope I haven’t scared people off if they are leaning towards wanting an IDE vs an editor. I had to trial and error to figure out that intellisense won’t pick up on the libraries the first time you make a project. I actually just now created a new project for a tutorial and confirmed it. If your library path is set correctly in your settings (and I think it will be if left to default, but I keep everything in a folder right off C), and you create your project, Intellisense won’t work unless you put the full path in the #include statement. But if you save your project, then close it and open it again, intellisense will work from that point on in that project (without using the full path). But you have to do it for each new project.

Once I have a bit more experience, I might write a short tutorial on this, because this little bug could be making people ditch visual micro / visual studio, which I think is actually a really nice setup.

I would install the Visual Studio Code JUST FOR the ability to link it to Arduboy.
You mentioned about a way to link it to Arduboy?

I also have Visual Studio Community, but it won’t harm if I was to get a IDE in a external HDD.

And Hmm…the visual Micro look very interesting.

Visual Studio Code classes itself as a ‘code editor’ rather than an IDE.
It’s designed to be very minimalistic, but to allow new features to be added with ‘extensions’,
and the Arduino Extension is one of those.

Visual Studio Code basically acts as a different frontend (i.e. code editor) to the program files provided by the Arduino IDE.

There’s a setup guide here (or if you prefer a video: here).
Then you just pick the board and port number as normal and you have the option to compile or compile and upload using the ‘command palette’.

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