Big asteroids!


The final series of “long awaited backup”


The first game ON THIS WEBSITE that is able to measure the battery status on the move.

Download ASTEROID2.ino and get the ability to monitor the battery voltage! (in pause menu and high score display), in 1234mV (1.234V) format
  • For the game to compile, you also need to download sprite.h (which is shared between ASTEROID.ino and ASTEROID2.ino.)

Arduboy Manager 2.0 Released!
(Stephane C) #2

Could you please clean up the repo and make sure unneeded things are removed?

I tried to compile your Asteroid game to check it out and i got all kind of redifinitions errors. I know it’s probably because you kept obsolete files in your repo.

Also in your readme your are asking for help to maybe make the ship look better. Only problem is that your are probably using a triangle right now (like the original) and it’s probably the best thing for that game since we don’t have hardware sprite rotation on the Arduboy. Making the Ship look better would need to use sprites, so unless someone make 360 frames of animations, and even there it would probably look like cap anyway…

(Pharap) #3

It only actually handles 24 rotational positions, so it would be doable by sprite, but I’ve got a feeling drawing a triangle is cheaper.

You’re right about getting rid of the old files though.
There’s no need to keep old files around with Github because it functions as a time machine if you ever need to go back in time to recover old files.

For example, here’s what the repo looked like when it first started:


Yep I need to clean that up. Too many pieces of obsolete trash is floating around. (and that’s done.)
No, we don’t have sprite rotation. On the other hand, even if we do, the screen won’t make the difference.
But, I admit that the ship was quite poorly done…
@pharap I think that the triangle is cheaper, too.
Because you don’t need 24 pictures of triangle when you can just define 24 set of points.

Speaking of older versions…
If you look closer, the current file have the list of global variables (of course it do, every file does), the list of global variables is arranged so the ones added at the very beginning goes at the top, so if you want a walk-down memory lane, delete the newer (the variables closer to the end). But that means you have to write those huge switch tables I used to do :slight_smile:
I like what I did. Feels like ALSTEROIDS already!

no one seems to be paying attention to the sound track…

(Pharap) #6

How To Record A .gif With ProjectABE:

  1. Open game in IDE
  2. Sketch > Export compiled binary (or Ctrl+Alt+S)
  3. Rename ASTEROIDS.ino.arduino_leonardo.hex to Asteroids.hex
  4. Upload Asteroids.hex (e.g. as a gist)
  5. Get a path to the ‘raw’ version of the hex (e.g. raw of gist)
  6. Append url to (e.g. from the gist)
  7. Follow the ProjectABE instructions to record a gif by pressing R or take screenshots with P



(Pharap) #7

How To Add A Game To @eried’s Repo

  1. Go to eried/ArduboyCollection on Github
  2. Fork it
  3. Select a category (e.g. Arcade)
  4. Create new file
  5. Type ASTEROIDS/game.ini in the Name your file box
  6. Fill in the game.ini data, as mentioned in the
  7. Commit new file
  8. Drag & drop hex file
  9. Change commit message to Create ASTEROIDS.hex
  10. Commit changes
  11. Navigate back to ASTEROIDS folder
  12. Create new file
  13. Type Asteroids.url in the Name your file box
  14. Fill in the shortcut info as mentioned in the readme
  15. Commit new file
  16. Drag & drop Asteroids.png created earlier with ProjectABE
  17. Change commit message to Create ASTEROIDS.png
  18. Commit changes
  19. (Optional) Make source.url similarly to ASTEROIDS.url, but pointing at Github
  20. Go to the main page of your fork
  21. Pull request
  22. Create pull request
  23. Add title “Add ASTEROIDS”
  24. (Optional) Fill in information
  25. Create pull request
  26. Admire pull request
  27. Wait for @eried to merge
  28. Delete fork

Rogue-like ascii based on Arduboy
(Erwin) #8

Nice instructions!

Note: It is much easier with GitHub desktop :slight_smile: just fork it and use another game as a template. But I guess your path is the one for people who are not used to git.

(Pharap) #9

I could have just prepared all the files in Notepad++ like I normally do, but this way illustrates it better and makes the least number of assumptions about desktop setup and/or prior knowledge.

Also I wouldn’t really class GitHub desktop as ‘being used to git’, only the people crazy enough to use command line git deserve that award. :P


New version avilable!

•For the game to compile, you also need to download sprite.h (which is shared between ASTEROID.ino and ASTEROID2.ino.)


Just played this and it’s my favorite rendition of Asteroids so far! I really appreciate all the features you added like turning the sound off and saving highscores and such. Really great work!


I still was only able to be a turret for the first 4 levels…
Don’t worry, newer versions with that mysterious UFO will be coming, together with better spawning mechanism (for reviving players & asteroids).
Also, might use fixed points instead of floating points for more RAM.

But as of now, I just want to sit back and blast space rocks.


That’s great news! I can’t wait to try newer versions. I feel like I’ve gotten quite good at this game, my highscore is 2712. Not sure how that compares to others :grimacing:


That IS better than mine. Great job!
Meanwhile, let’s hope I can get myself enough time (and effort, since I am busy & lazy these days) to put together this update.
The whole fixed points will be very difficult
Let’s cross that bridge when I fixed the ship collision, and after that make the UFO thing appear.


Did you forgot something, Xavier?



In addition:


And uh, “new” sound effect because CDR_Xavier broke the beeper wires on his Arduboy. He need to solder it back on.


But if you find something missing from this list, it’s probably that I hadn’t updated the code yet. Tell me to do so.

I DO IS out of time to add pictures. Will do that later.


I am glad so many (only 4 but is still coming) likes my game :slight_smile:
WHO WOULD LIKE THE UFO TO BE FULLY IMPLEMENTED? (bonus points, bullets that destroy players, etc.)
That’s a bad question. Let me try that again.
Which of the following … mechanisms would you like ME to include? in the next coming update?

  • Original Sound Effect (beep, boop)
  • UFO shooting (UFO can be shot down with player’s bullet)
  • UFO collision (UFO can collide with the asteroids)–might be unable to fit into the code space
  • UFO bullet collision (UFO bullet can destroy player’s ship)
  • Cheesy sound effects (explosions & crashing)
  • Less-boring home screen
  • None of the above(come on!)

0 voters

Pick your top three. Or two. Or one.

(Pharap) #19

Sound effects, now available in ‘cheesy’ and ‘original’.
(But not ‘salt & vinegar’ or ‘raspberry ripple’. :P)

I voted for all the UFO stuff.


Indeed. :slight_smile:
Original SOUND TRACK (although it was believed to have no such thing)
That’s the “beep boop”.