Big difference in Sketch size between Windows and Linux

Hi all,

I noticed that on windows 10 the Arduboy2 hello world example would compile to around 6KB but using the same example on Linux it would compile to around 18KB

Is this expected? Is there a setting I need to change on the Linux side to get the sketch size down?

I am using the Arduino IDE v 1.8.10 on both windows10 and Linux (Distro: Solus) and have set everything up as per the tutorial on both machines.

On Windows I got the IDE from the Arduino website. On Solus I installed it from the repos.

When trying to compile many existing games I kept running into an issue where the sketch was too big on linux (ranging from 130-160% of the limit).

Thanks :slight_smile:

With the same version of the Arduino IDE, board files and libraries, sketches should compile to the same size under Windows, Linux and Mac.

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That’s a pretty big margin of error.
Sounds to me like there might be a problem with the Solus repo.

Maybe the installed version of GCC is outdated?

I think I fixed it.

The Arduino AVR Boards package was very out of date on my Linux system (1.6 or something like that). I updated it to the latest (1.8.2 as of typing this) and managed to successfully compile and upload Midnight Wild to my Arduboy.

Thanks for the help :smiley:.