Bip Bipbip - le jeu 1D!

Aujourd’hui j’ai créé un jeu en seulement quatre heures. C’est un demake de “Pong” qui s’appelle “Bip Bipbip” (c’est le bruit qu’il fait quand on y joue). C’est le seul et unique jeu 1D (une dimension), le jeu le plus rétro au monde! 140 lignes de code pour jouer à deux. Comment faire pour gagner? C’est simple. Si la balle touche votre adversaire alors qu’il n’appuie pas sur son bouton, ou si le rectangle de l’adversaire atteint le milieu de l’écran avant le votre, il perd, donc vous gagnez, donc plus rien ne peut vous arrêter dans la vie. Ce jeu sortira en boîte sur Playstation 5 pour 90 euros le 33 décembre prochain.

Today I created a game in only four hours. It is a “Pong” demake named “Bip Bipbip” (it makes this noise when we play it). This is the one and only one dimensional game, the most retro game in the world! 140 lines of code to play with a friend. How to win? It is simple. If the ball touchs your opponent when he doesn’t press his button, or if his rectangle reaches the middle of the screen before yours, he loses, so you win, so nothing more can stop you in the life. This game will be released at retail on Blu-ray Disc (I mean: the source code will be hand-written on a disc and will be sold at 90 euros).


140 lines? The first 25 are comments - oh and I will take 4 paintings please.

A two player game on the Arduboy? Very cool.


You mean this kind of painting? :smile:

Actually I worked on several Space Invaders paintings this august. They are for a retro gaming exhibition in France, but they probably won’t all be sold. So you might be interested???
I could show more pictures later. I prefere to keep them now for the people who asked me to do this work. So it is a teasing.


You tease … nice photo-shopping too!

What do you mean “photo-shopping”? This picture is not digitally altered and this is a real painting I made with stencils and spray paint on a 50x50cm canvas.

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Really? Nice work. …

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***** Génial! ***** The game is nice to play with 2 players!

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It took me a while to figure out the controls! The loading screen should display the controls, and that this is a 2P game –

  • left player, press
  • right player, press b

Fantastic game though, really great :raised_hands:

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Thank you! You’re right about the missing informations. But this game would not be minimalist enough if we add this feature.

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