BiriBiriBeat - A miniature rhythm game for Arduboy

Hello everyone!

Back during the Arduboy Game Jam 4, I had mentioned that I was happy I actually finished an entry, and hoped it would push me to finish my larger project. Here is that larger project, finally completed after about a year of on-and-off weekend work.

BiriBiriBeat is a rhythm game! Its title is derived from ビリビリ, a Japanese onomatopoeia used to describe an electric shock or vibration.

Some of my original inspiration for the game came from seeing DDRBOY shared here by another community member, and I set out to see if I could create a more fleshed-out experience. It’s about as full featured a rhythm game I could squeeze into the Arduboy’s resources, and developing it was a struggle at points to shave off bytes and reduce processor usage. (I do know that I could have used ATMLib over base Squawk as the converted .mod is huge, but I was already comfortable using Milkytracker and it made tracking the game’s mini-bgm song much much faster.)

Regardless, I’m pretty proud of what I ended up with and I wanted to share it here. Huge thanks to the developers for the libraries and tools I used (Arduino/Arduboy2/Squawk/Milkytracker/Font4x6/ProjectABE/PlatformIO). And a big shout out to dr!p, who designed the Navi character and did the base spritework for the project.

I’m uploading for the web emulator below, but this game features fully synthesized music with the Squawk library, please play on a physical Arduboy for the full experience as the web emulator does not support sound (for this game specifically).

I hope you enjoy!

Game Download/Manual/Documentation

biribiribeat_v100.hex (76.4 KB)


Although I really like the idea of having things like a chart editor for custom levels, or additional songs, (and it is feasible, I made a file format of sorts for charts that the game parses), I am pretty burnt out from working on this and do not have major updates planned yet. Of course, if anyone does play this and finds bugs, feel free to report them!

And finally, here’s my shameless promotional tweet about the game.


Quite impressive. Well made ! :+1:

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The web emulator usually does support sound,
but it seems your game is doing something differently to most games.
It could be an issue with the Squawk library,
or it could be because you aren’t interacting with the sound enable/disable part of eeprom (or you don’t seem to be anyway).

@FManga might be able to shed more light on the situation.

Hmm, interesting, I did not know that the emulator had sound support and I can edit my post to clarify it works for other games, just not this one. And it is true that I am not interacting with that part of EEPROM. All of the sound generation is done via timer4 and its output compare in fast pwm mode, with the actual “reading” of the music file done via timer1’s interrupt. I am not sure how the Arduboy libraries do this because I have not studied them before.

Omg Arduboy has a DDR simulator now this is incredible. Nice work!


This is really cool. DDR on the Arduboy, why not? Having loads of fun :smile:

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Thank you for playing! I am very happy that you’re enjoying the game. :grin: