Bizzaro World (COVID-19 thoughts)

Well, Bill Gates warned us and we didn’t listen. The Coronavirus that causes the Covid-19 disease has become a global pandemic. This has changed everyone’s daily lives in major ways. Many of us are being advised to shelter at home, others are amidst some level of uncertainty or chaos about their future. The economy is being strained and many people are out of jobs already or may be out of them soon.

For the first time in many generations there is an existential threat to the entire human population. We are witnessing a nearly infinite number of social experiments take place and new societal norms will be formed during this time.

Information and communication is vital, as the situation requires everyone to act according to the best interest of those who are most vulnerable among us.

This is an open thread to discuss the topic of the Coronavirus, your personal feelings, thoughts, ideas, fears, hopes and dreams about the situation. In some ways I sort of hope to “quarantine” discussion about this topic to this thread, so that other areas of the forum can remain constructive.

Many people will be learning from home for an extended period of time so I hope that the Arduboy forums can be an even more valuable resource than it has been before. In that same breath, we are a wonderfully positive international community, so I think that it could be helpful for us all to share our experiences and in some way try to help each other out.

Me personally, I’m at my moms house in the foothills of California, outside of Sacramento. California just locked down the whole state last night.

This is my own thoughts based on information I’ve researched from scientific sources, it seems like this lockdown will be in effect for at least 3-4 months, although officially they say that it is “indefinite”. The data I have seen shows that a majority of the cases will have occurred by the end of the summer. It is difficult to predict the remaining apetite for safety after that time has passed. It’s possible the lockdowns will continue in some form or another until there is a vaccine available and in general people are saying 18 months, but it could easily be longer if trials do not go well.

This document is one of the best resources I’ve found to date on the subject, and from what I understand, it is this information that most governments have made their most recent lock down decisions upon.

Another bit of good news, is it seems that the mask shortage may only be a temporary problem as production in China has ramped up by an order of several magnitude.

In some ways, it seems like the surprise and shock of the disease is starting to wear off and in general governments and societies are finding a way to normalize and deal with it. The crisis will only continue to get worse for months to come, but at least we have a fairly good indication of how bad it will get, instead of everything being a giant question mark.

My heart goes out to people in Italy right now as it seems that is the new center of the outbreak, and the hospitals there are absolutely over capacity. Supposedly NYC is at capacity already and it’s only just started there.

My plan personally is to try to help out in whatever ways I can. I looked into helping produce masks or ventilators or something, but it seems nearly all of that production is in China. I’ve applied to the open ventilator project but it seems like they are way staffed up on that project already.

I’m going to try and figure how I can run an arduino class online, I think I’m just going to make some youtube videos for people so they can sit with their kids and make a little video game system.

I’m also looking at delivering food out here, I’m going to the grocery stores next week to see if any of them need delivery drivers.

I guess last thing that I want to get off my head at the moment about this, is that Arduboy would have never existed in this climate. 5 years of course is a long time, but if someone told me I had to go to China to start my business then of course, no way. So even there are entrepreneurial costs being had right now. That said, lots of new healthcare businesses are being formed, so that is good.

I’m very curious what your situations and thoughts are. Are you all staying safe?

If you have ideas for how to make Arduboy more helpful to people in a time like this post up over here.


This post is too negative, I don’t think everything is that bad.


Things are the way they are, how we react can be good or bad.

Personally speaking I’m not all that worried about the virus.

You utter madman. I completely approve. We need more of this craziness.

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Not being worried and not doing anything about it are two different things.

Most people in here are smart enough to understand statistics.

Recreating a meme I saw online but can’t find:

If you look at the infection rates, the science, and the math it’s going to get serious. You might not be worried about it now, but in a month or two there will be a hundred times more cases, unless it like, magically poofs out of existence. There is also a significant threat in a situation like this for the virus to mutate into a more deadly or contagious strain as evidence shows it did a number of times in the 1918 flu pandemic.

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but you aren’t going anywhere.

In the USA, half a million people new people claimed unemployment benefits, and it’s only just starting.

In the absolute most practical sense, I know you are not worried about this but let me put it to you a different way, if sales don’t magically pick up or I don’t find a job I’ll be shutting this website down in about 5-6 months.

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Well us humans were warned ages ago about all this and more to come. My question: Will this change people?? We are into this altogether as one. It’s like everything, people think “it can’t happen here”(to quote Zappa). Stay safe and peace to all!!!

If you think this is bad wait until the planet killer astroid finally shows up!

The graphs don’t seem to indicate the virus is going away anytime soon, more like the contrary.

Personally I have mixed feelings about the situation – as an anarchist I find comfort in seeing governments, corporations and economies collapse, however such a quick transition to anarchy isn’t good, people aren’t ready and many suffer and die, which is bad. I am not personally afraid of contracting the virus or even dying – that would actually solve many things for me – but I can’t stand the suffering of others. I am just hoping this difficult situation will make us abandon unnecessary things and remind us about what’s really important, teach us to help each other, be nicer, more united.


Here is another good source of information that explains how long these lockdowns might take and why we are doing it.

The alternative is quite scary, and I wish more places would make them mandatory. It is the first time I think I have been happy that the Chinese government was so restrictive of it’s people as it seems like that helped slow the disease there in China. But it is out of control in many other places.

I’m not personally concerned about myself either, I am not in a risk age group and I’m very healthy. But first off both of my parents are right in the risk zone and my dad has health problems so if he gets it, then he will likely become a statistic. But those are just 2 people, and I only care because I know them. There are so many people already suffering the lost of loved ones around the world.

Right now, the size is small compared to other forms of death and sickness, but in 2 months we should likely see whatever peak will happen. Hopefully it will be far less and more delayed because of the decisions the governments are making.

The situations in Northern Italy and now NYC are going to be quite dire for some time to come. Remember the Chinese built 2 massive hospitals in a matter of days to help control their infections, but that isn’t something these other places can do.

I want to hope that this will all go away soon, but the only chance for that to be real is for us all to do our part.

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I don’t agree about the governments and economies collapsing, but I share that sentiment at least.

I’d best not go into my thoughts on the matter too much though,
I suspect the morbid nature of such a discussion might upset people.

I suspect we differ on what ‘unnecessary things’ are,
but I admit I’d be glad if this incident made the world less materialistic and less wasteful.

Somehow I highly doubt it though.

That would be nice, but regretably I’m too cynical to believe that will happen.


The outcome will fall between the extremes of the most optimistic and pessimistic of us all. That is why we must try to work to the optimistic outcome.

Stay at home and learn to program seems like an OK thing to do.


I’m a caretaker for an all through school catering for 3 to 18 year olds. We are already down one guy so it’s left to two of us to keep an extremely large site running, as it stands I have no choice but to go to work so that we can continue to operate a childcare service for key workers. It would be a lie to say I’m not concerned I would love to sit in and hunker down with my preps but it’s not an option at the moment.

On a lighter note what bees make milk?


I hope you aren’t telling your 3-year olds that joke!

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Worker bees. It’s usually called “royal jelly”, but rarely “bee’s milk” or “milk of bees”. :P

Actually they aren’t worker bees yet.

Worker bees begin their lives as nurse bees. They spend the first week after they emerge from their cells caring for and cleaning up after the queen, feeding the larvae and making honey. From there the nurse honey bees graduate to a maintenance crew. For the next week or two the worker bees care for the hive itself by making wax and building honeycomb, ventilating the hive by fanning the entrance with their wings and repairing any damage done to the interior of the hive. By the time they are about 3 weeks old the worker bees are ready to venture out of the safety of the hive. They will spend the rest of their lives, only about three weeks, gathering pollen and nectar for the colony.

It seems that nurse bees are actually a particular type of worker bee:

Worker bees begin as a fertilized egg, laid by the queen. She will remain in her cell as an egg for about 3 days, then start the transition to a larva. Nurse bees – also workers – will feed the larva royal jelly for about 3 days, then feed honey and pollen (also referred to as bee bread) for the remainder of their time as a larva.

(Section “Worker Cells and How Are They Fed?”. No section anchor available.)

…is it only me and @filmote who jumped to the much less literal, but much more crass, interpretation of ‘bies’?

A better joke for 3-year olds would be: “What is invisible and smells like carrots?”

“Rabbit Farts!”

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Must be an Australian thing … I am pretty sure @Keyboard_Camper was thinking along our lines.

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Nope, I completely understood the joke,
but that’s precisely why I decided to subvert it with an unexpected answer.
Running headlong into it would have been no fun.

Perhaps I was too subtle? (Is “:P” (‘tongue in cheek’) not enough of a “this is a joke” hint?)

I might not seem like it, but I’m actually a fan of 'Allo 'Allo and The Two Ronnies,
and to a lesser extent the various Carry On films, so I’m no stranger to double entendre.


NYC is having a tough time.

Non-essential Amazon orders are taking up to a month.

Gun stores across USA are sold out, their distributors too. Not like after mass shootings where gun-nuts are afraid their assault rifles will be taken away. These are family buying whatever they can get their hands on. There are reports of people just buying whatever gun the store has ammo for regardless of other styles of guns being better for home defense.

Our government continues to bicker about a stimulus package, meanwhile people who lost their jobs in the past 2 weeks are going to start getting hungry.

I’m actually almost more worried about the oil market right now. The Saudis are overproducing and cutting costs in order to oversaturate the market and put American and Russian oil companies out of business during this difficult time. It’s a bid to completely take over the oil market and it has massive implications. It’s the single largest and fastest devaluing of an essential commodity in the history of man.

Keep those heads up.