Black screen on my Arduboy


Writing from France. Sorry for my poor english.
I have two arduboy. The first one works but on the second i have black screen.
I can connect it to my computer, Sounds Sample work but i see anything with the “Hello world” sample.
What can i do ?

Salut, thanks for letting us know of your problem, and no worries about the language : )

It does sound like something might be wrong with the screen or screen connections. To start an exchange, please use the contact form at to get the process going for a replacement to be mailed.

Removed original post for clarity. See edit history for the original post regarding flashlight mode : D

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You can try to reset the Arduboy by holding the little black reset button for 3 seconds located on the bottom of the Arduboy with a tiny screwdriver, a phone sim card opener, or a toothpick. After that, quickly upload your new code into your Arduboy that you reset and it should upload. If it doesn’t upload try using a different USB cable and repeat the process. Then, it should upload no problem. If that doesn’t work, leave a comment down below and I will get back to you.

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No, flashlight mode leaves the screen blank, and on units with the RGB LED reversed, it will stay off as well. So, flashlight mode won’t help to determine if the screen is bad.

Also, the original game installed on the Arduboy when shipped (a Team A.R.G. game) doesn’t include flashlight mode. I think it might have safe mode though, which you get by holding UP and LEFT while booting. However, this leaves the screen blank as well.

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Good point. I was thinking the flashlight mode did a white pixel screen test, it’s the LED test, gotcha.

Your post pretty much lays out all the current gotchas in the API, and 1.1 API, thank you :smiley:

Lighting the screen (as well as the RGB LED) is a change I’ve made in the new library I’m working on. Perhaps that’s where you saw it.

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I sent a mail beforme asking help in this topic.
Waiting for an answer

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Hi Ali,
Thank you for reaching out to us… I tried to reply but gmail bounced the mail back :pensive: I’ll send you a Direct Message on the forum instead