Blackstripe's Arduboy Clone

The first attempt still looked a little messy, then I have a schematic diagram of the probe found and seen were the connections wrong. All I have now again a little more clearly and tried each connection monitored safely 5x. The AC adapter is not yet come - I hope everything is right so far and it will work.

The connections for the display to a connection to the left in order to set-fitting button a little more space is - I hope I get the AC Adpater then purely yet - note the reversed connections since I use a different display.


I checked your wiring as best as I could from the photos. Everything looks good. :smiley:

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@Blackstripe do you have a developer kit or is one already on the way to you? Lol this is awesome.

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Uh, no - I supported the Arduboy on Kickstarter, but to me the Dev Kit ordered not because I thought that I indeed have 2 devices at the end then. But can not wait now and have seen this project. The Dev Kit is a day after I had ordered all the items become available to all. Took me though annoyed - bad timing - but 3 devices would then have had exaggerated ^^, and basically I’m building so only after what MLXXXp shows here in order to bridge the time until I get my own Arduboy ^^

It works!


Excellent! Well done :checkered_flag: