Blink for Arduboy

I am finding my way. I wanted to try the simplest thing I could to see if my Arduboy was working. When it came it had a game, Syrene, that worked but I wanted to try something else. I have not found a way to upload games. I am on a Mac. I have used the Blink program in the Example files that is in Basics. I was thinking that if that worked then I could troubleshoot uploading games.

I get this error

Invalid library found in /Users/simonallen/Documents/Arduino/libraries/LedControl-master: no headers files (.h) found in /Users/simonallen/Documents/Arduino/libraries/LedControl-master

What does it mean?

Have you followed the quick start quide > Quick Start Guide

There are libraries and other instructions for the Arduboy.

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Sounds like you have a bad library ‘LedControl-master’ installed in your library folder. Try deleting it from your library folder.

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It sounds like you downloaded LedControl by using the Code > Download ZIP option instead of downloading it from releases.

Delete /Users/simonallen/Documents/Arduino/libraries/LedControl-master and follow the library’s install instructions to install a fresh copy.

(It’s possible to use the master branch, but you’d have to delete the -master part from all folders, which is more awkward.)

That said, you don’t actually need LedControl to control the Arduboy’s LED.
You can just use the Arduboy2 library and use the provided LED-controlling functions:

Uploading a program that prints text to the screen (e.g. via arduboy.println) or prints text over a serial connection (e.g. via Serial.println) are generally better for diagnosing issues.

Instead of trying to get the LedControl library working, perhaps it would be better if you told us more about your upload issues?

  • Are you having problems uploading, or are you just unsure how to upload a new game?
  • Have you managed to actually upload anything since Sirene?
    • If so, have you only been having problems since uploading that game?
      • If so, could you tell us which game it is?
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