Blocktoidz for the arduboy


I’ve been working on a port of my game blocktoidz.

I’ve only been working on it for about two days so only the base game really works currently but there’s three breaker levels in the game that you start off with.

The mechanics are a tad confusing but hopefully people will find it fun. But I hope to add all the functionality of the original game to the arduboy version.

UP pause/unpause
A rotate block
B swap next block with a stored one
Left/Right move block
Down makes the block fall faster, but also makes it get placed in the first block it passes into

Arduboy version:

Android version for comparison on whats to come:


I had never seen Blocktoidz before … I great variation to the other block game. Great start - can’t wait to see the finished version.

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A couple of programming notes:

If your intent is to generate the same random number sequence for every game, for consistency during testing, then putting srand(12345678); in setup() will do that. However, if you want a different random sequence for each game once coding is completed, you should change it to arduboy.initRandomSeed();

Your music scores in Tunes.h contain notes for more than 2 tone generators but ArduboyPlaytune only handles 2 tone generators, so there’s a lot of wasted data in your scores which won’t be played.

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Nudge! :wink:

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I might take a peak at the game and make it work. Thanks to fill the cup I know much more about c++ then I did back then (and I now know how to read data from the rom)

Though thank you for the nudge because I just clicked the link to the actual blocktoidz and google removed it due to the API being outdated so I gotta deal with that first.