Bloopies! - New Puzzle Game!

This is my first game and the most difficult part is naming it!!

It’s a Bejeweled/Candy Crush/Begemmed like puzzle game

I decided to share with the community and receive some feedback from the programmers and gamers here.

So any contribution about:

  • Name!
  • Initial screen (some kind of logo)
  • Bugs, game mechanics,etc…
  • What you want!
    All suggestions are wellcomed. I’m developing this in my spare time so i can’t promise all the contributions will be implemented.

Also i will add to the credits marquee those users who made suggestions included in game!

Contributions about title screen are wellcome!! (keep a 10 pixels row for the credits marquee)

Graphics are intended to be optimized for visibility. I don’t need much detail. Less is more.

A video (propose your name in comments)

Hope you enjoy it!!!

Edit 23/5/2017 Bloopies!

Finally i name it Bloopies!, funny name. Thanks @crait.
Title screen has changed and i created a new repositorie in Github
A minor change: Now the game has a Top score (not saved in EPROM, just keeps until you reset the Arduboy)


Hex file:


Needs synthesized voice saying “awesome” “spectacular”

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Wow!! great idea, the game only uses between 50-60% of memory so there’s lot of space for this sounds!!

The Arduboy can speak!, thanks to @igvina.


Oh gosh! sounds horrible in my cheap buzzer!!!:joy:

Hope my recently ordered arduboy comes soon.

Thanks for linking, i was completely lost about synthesizing voices. That’s a good starting point.

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It is not much better in the Arduboy :sweat_smile:

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It could be named Ardujeweled!


The “Merry Christmas” demo is converted from singing with instruments in the background. I think clearly spoken voice would sound better when converted. (But you can’t expect much from unfiltered low bit rate PWM sound.)

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I’ll do my best, love the idea of retro-synthesized voices.

The author of ArdVoice recomends Audacity as audio converter, any other suggestion??? First time for me editing audio files.

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Sorry, I’ve never done anything with the library myself.

Edit: For a command line converter, SoX may be useful (but again, I haven’t tried it for this purpose).

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Or, Ardugemmed or Arducrush! Shorter name is probably better.

Audacity is great! Cut and paste editing and converts almost everything including the kitchen sink.

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Call it “Bloopies!” :smiley:

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hahaha ‘bloopies’ sounds 50% funny 50% cute :grin: like it

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OMG!!! just googleing ‘bloopies’ for curiosity i saw in the this definition: “farts in the bathtub!!!”

hahaha, i’m from spain and didn’t know what the hell was a ‘bloopie’. now is kinda 90% funny and 10% cute :smiley:

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I’ll give a try, back to the old PC-speakers time.

Urban Dictionary is filled with nonsense. No one actually says bloopies to mean farts in the bathtub! That is insane if true. XD

hehe thanks for advice. English is not my native languaje, i can read well and for me ‘Bloopies’ sounds funny but i don’t know if has any sense or is just a funny word. :wink:

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Yeah, a lot of puzzle games have funny-sounding names similar to that… “Blops”, “Snood”, etc…

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… so will this game be named bloopies? :wink: