Bloopies! - New Puzzle Game!


Wow! xD I love it!

Bloopies sounds funny!!, i just change the title screen, the info marquee (include a @crait reference :wink: for the title) an re-upload to github.

Maybe in the future i’ll make some modifications or a second part, but this was a weekend project, my first game and i think it’s ok for now.

I still need to try syntesized voices…:grin:

I’d say Arjeweled sounds best. Maybe organise a vote or something.


I don’t know… i don’t expect much participation. My first idea was to make a poll with 4 o 5 names proposed by community users but after 2 weeks only have ‘bloopies’ and ‘arjeweled’.

When i started programming i named Ardujewel to this project but i’m a bit tired of Ardu-names and something different it’s ok for me.

I’m from spain and my english is very limited, if you say me ‘Nostrils’ i think it sounds like a brand of cereals for breakfast. :smiley:

@phil8715 Suggested “Ardujeweled” (not the same as my suggestion “Arjeweled”)
@senkun Suggested “Ardugemmed” and “Arducrush”

I think you could manage a poll. I think there would be interest because it’s not very often that people ask for name suggestions. Even 3-4 people voting would be enough.

Give it a spanish name then. It would make it more unique. ‘Joya-Mezcla’ or ‘Forma-Juego’ something. (Most people who don’t know Spanish might think that’s a breakfast cereal too.)

Hi @FerJerez,

I can help you to integrate “voices” with my lib into the game. Please, PM if you are interested. :wink:

Thanks! :slight_smile: I want to do some tests using Audacity for file conversion and your command line tool+library. If i have some trouble or question i’ll contact you by PM.

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Bump for bloopies! #bloopies

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