Board Edge Reset Button

I’ve been thinking this is the best reset button, the only thing I don’t like is that it sticks out on the bottom of the PCB too, wish it wasn’t as tall…



This one is a little better, only pokes out .15mm you’d hardly notice it.

But I’m wondering, board edge probably isn’t really needed so long as the button has some kind of through hole solder post reinforcement.

Can you rebate it a little further so it is inside the edge of the board a little more?

Watch that website - its in New Zealand dollars!

this one is also could be ok
used in my device as a side buttons
Снимок экрана 2020-06-24 в 9.53.29


Yes, those are fine for a side push reset button. Based on the original Alps one (which aren’t that expensive either I’m sure you could find cheaper versions in the same form factor on, should you want a slightly more repeatable part source (lcsc does seem, when an item is listed as out of stock, to be arbitrary about what they are planning to restock and what they’re leaving on the website but not intending to restock).
Here’s an example of something that comes to around $0.02 in qty 1k and isn’t much more for qty 10. The footprint from glancing at a couple of similar buttons is pretty standard (not the same as the Alps ones above) so it might not matter if the China brand you started with goes out of stock, especially on a reset button where the feel doesn’t need to be consistent.