Bobard Fetu's Interplanetary Musical- Game Jam 3

A While Ago…

In a Galaxy Relatively Close By…




The great Jabba the Flutte has placed a bounty on the heads of many musical notes across the galaxy, and he wants to see them found and brought to justice for their cleft. It’s up to the legendary bounty hunter, Bobard Fetu (gotta get the “ardu” in somewhere), to track them all down and capture them. While the treble alliance gathers their forces in attempt to beat the empire, Bobard is already on the offensive.

There’s just one problem…

Bobard can’t recognize notes by ear, but all of the bounties are audio! It’s up to you, through trial and error (and probably lots of debt), to learn how to recognize the notes by ear, and help Bobard to become the richest bounty hunter in the universe!

NOTE: I’ve never used GitHub before, and it wasn’t working out so I ended up just uploading it to Google Drive Publicly.

Interplanetary Musical v2

It’s still a bit of a work in progress, hopefully I can finish the Kusoge Game Mode in time, but I’ve got so many finals I don’t think it’s possible.

Here are the Controls:
A quick note, movement works through “boosts” since Bobard uses a jump-pack. So movement controls don’t directly change position, but they impart momentum, which is then affected by gravity and air resistance.

Left- Move Left (didn’t see that one coming)
Right- Move Right
A- Jetpack, also used to select notes if you’re in their hit-box.
B- Play the current note you’re looking for again

The point of the game is to rack up points by selecting the note that matches the one on the bounty that you hear by clicking B.

I hope you enjoy your Interplanetary Musical.

Previous Versions:


This game gives a Low memory available warning when compiled. This is because all the constant text strings in the print() functions are being placed in RAM. These strings can be made to only reside in program memory by using the F() macro.

Simply enclose all quoted strings used as a parameter for print() as a parameter for F().

For example:

tinyfont.print("\n\nA While Ago...\n\n");


tinyfont.print(F("\n\nA While Ago...\n\n"));

P.S. The variable boolean newNotes declared near the start of loop() is unused.

Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback. I didn’t know I could do that, it’s so useful!

I’ve updated the file with those fixes, and also deleted the newNotes variable.

Thanks again.


You deserve bonus points for the puns.

What sort of trouble were you having?

“The puns are strong with this one.”


Awesome job with this one! The intro looks amazing, with the sick font and memey puns.

The gameplay is really cool having to recognize pitches. I personally don’t have perfect pitch, so I tried using my perception of a “C” or “A” as a starting reference. After I got the first note, my relative pitch was somewhat good enough to get the rest accurately.

Overall, this turned out to be way cleaner than I had expected due to what I had seen complete the last time I saw it.

gr8 job m8 i r8 8/8