Bomber Maze


Here is my latest game, a turn-based BomberMan.

BomberMaze.hex (58.9 KB)

I might add a few things but please tell me what you think.

Hope you’ll enjoy



Good game! As I understand it, the walls are generated in a random way. A couple of times the enemy got stuck in a room made of walls, which did not allow him to be destroyed. I would also like to see a nicer explosion animation)

Thanks for playing my game.

Yes you can “free” him by rotating walls. If you hold A and then press Left, the walls around you turn counter-clockwise (same with A+Right but clockwise). But place a bomb first, otherwise he will kill you :wink:

About the explosion you are right, I quickly designed it that way at the beginning to test if the game was worth developing, and I kind of forgot about it.

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Cool idea! I could not think of that :smiley: Now it will become even more interesting to play!

Here you are :slight_smile: Better?

The explosion looks much better! Moving the walls is really more interesting to play with. I don’t know what else you can add to the game, but I have enough to play it with pleasure) Great job! :wink:

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Thanks :smiley: I’m happy you like it

Really nice, good work!

I hope its not your last game, merely your latest. :slight_smile:

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Blew myself up 10/10

Oups! you’re right (it’s corrected now). Of course it’s not the last. I have two more under way :smiley: