Bomber-Pac - Text-based One-dimensional Bomberman and Pacman v1.50[New Rule]

Hex File

** Added a new rule. **
** Please download again if you downloaded former version. **

Bomber-Pac is a text-based one-dimensional Bomberman and Pacman type game ported from a pocket computer game.
It’s a very small program which is developed in a day.

> or < - a player like pacman.
Ω - an enemy like pacman’s monster.
. o O (*) - a bomb

Push A or B-Button to start game.
Push D-pad to move left and right.
** Push UP or DOWN to warp 6 steps apart. **

Left end and right end are connected by warp tunnel like pacman.
The player can eat bombs before its explosion.
The player is killed if he touch the enemy or get caught up in the bomb’s explosion.
And the enemy is killed by the bomb’s explosion too.

The original game was written in BASIC for Casio PB-100 pocket computer and published on Japanese computer magazine in 1985.


I LOVE these games being ported to the Arduboy! Really is a great platform to put calculator games on. :smiley:


Captain, we have TOO MUCH resolution! SHE CANT HANDLE THE PIXELS


And we have TOO MUCH dimension! :slight_smile:

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Sorry I had fixed some bugs.
Please download again if you downloaded former version.

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