Bomberboy - Bomberman port

Hi All, Here is my bomberman port, that i named Bomberboy


It is my first game for arduboy, and i like it.

Bomberboy-1.0.hex (68.5 KB)

  • Left, Right, Up, Down - move
  • A - put bomb
  • B - explode bombs (one per game tick), if you have an upgrade. Otherwise bomb will explode after 5sec
  • Long B press - enter/leave pause/game info

Green - all ghosts were defeated
Blue - bonus was collected on this level

I grab some music from original game. All code and graphics was made by me.

You can download sources and hex from Bomberboy github


Very nice game. Plays good on hardware. Well done.

Did you forget to disable a test mode? I noticed it starts up on level 40 with all powerups and bombs enabled. Also can walk through walls and unharmed by bombblasts.

Thanks, yes - i made changes to record gameplay.
Walk throw walls and unharmed - it is powerups too.
Just commit

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Nice! I’ve been hooked on this game for the past week. I love the soundtrack and all the music/sound. Not sure if it’s similar to the original Bomberman but It’s great either way!