Bombzzle - An explosive puzzle game


Hi everyone!
After a long wait, Project Puzzle is now ready for a true release!
Along with a fancy name: BOMBZZLE!

Bombzzle is a puzzle game where you must blow up chains of similar blocks to get points! Every 10 seconds, a bomb appears along with a tile marked as BONUS (+) and another as PENALTY (-). Bonus tiles worth 1 point while penalty tiles make you lose 1 point per level! Every 50 points, you level up.

Version 1.0 is available now. Expect updates such as additional content.

Pad: Move cursor
1 Button: Flip Tiles
2 Button: Change Selection Orientation

The HEX file is available right now HERE!
The source code and art assets are also available in the link above.
The game is also available on @eried’s repo!
The game was also submitted for @crait’s Arduboy Manager!

Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
(Scott) #2

Please consider making the source code available or Mac and Linux users won’t be able to install it.

(Fernando Jerez) #3

… and Fakeduboys users :wink:


I’ll put up the source code in the same link available above. :slight_smile:
It should be up sometimes in a few hours.

(Mike) #5

Huh? Did you maybe leave out the qualification “with the Arduino IDE”? avrdude works fine on both the Mac and Linux.

But yeah, given that the Arduboy is meant to help people start programming Arduinos, a lot of users might have problems if they can’t use the IDE.


I’ve even thrown in some more information about each function.
I’m sure I can make improvements on the documentation and code readability over time. :wink: