Bounce: Multiplayer Pong Game


Runs using Arduboy Library V1.1

A paddle and ball game in the vein on Atari’s Pong.
Two dogs are trying to hit the ball back and forth without the ball going past them.
If the ball does go past them, that is a point for the other dog. The dog with the
highest score when the player(s) stop, wins.

This is my first game for the Arduboy, and I hope you guys enjoy it!


The game can be downloaded here along with a README containing how to play the game and how
to download it:


Corgi paddles for the win!

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This is too cute! Nice game idea! I’m also working on a 2-player game. :smiley:

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Awwww cute puppies my fav

Lol well I can’t figure out how to edit my original post, but I updated my github account to a new name, to keep all my coding and more professional items under the same name.

The new link is here,New Bounce source link, in case someone happens to find this post later on.

The forum doesn’t allow users to edit a post after a certain time has elapsed. I’ve updated the original post with the new link.

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That’s what I figured. Thanks for updating the link for me. :grin: