Box Stacker - Challenge Game

Puzzle_Box Stacker_Box Stacker.hex


Stacker clone like the game at the arcade that gives you a chance to win a prize, however in this one the only thing you win is satisfaction!.


  • Use the A button to stack boxes all the way to the top.
  • Dropping all the boxes results in a Game Over.


Find the full source on Github.

$ git clone

If you keep this up the rest of us will run out of games to make. =(

JK keep up the good work. I can’t wait till I finally get a devkit and won’t be limited to my microview.

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I payed the price of early development: $50 :blush:
anyway, the more games the better!
and just because someone already made a game, doesn’t mean you can make your own version with your own take on it! :smile:

making games is addicting!

Looks like a lot of fun to play since the games don’t take too long :smile: The title reminded me of that game that came on Ti-8* calculators… Block Dude!

It’s more of a puzzle though. You can see for yourself by clicking.

I think it’s a game like what you find in the Arcade, including the prizes!

Lol ekem , you can carry around some starburst and only eat one if u win at box stacker!

Updated the game source to run on the production Arduboy, forked here:

Maybe @MLXXXp can jump in and make a conversion to the latest and greatest library Arduboy2. :slight_smile:

Here it is being reviewed on YouTube! Please subscribe to our channel!


Sure, no problem. This one took about 15 minutes.

The ARDUBOY start up logo in the library replaces the one that was in the game.

The library “Flashlight” feature is available. (Hold UP while powering on. Press DOWN to continue to the game.)

There’s no control of sound muting in the game code itself but you can use the library “system control” feature to do it. (Hold B during power up and while still holding B press UP for sound on or DOWN for sound off)


I have been hoping for a Block Dude port for the arduboy. This game seems perfect for it :heart_eyes:

I just googled and found this! WARNING: I haven’t tried it yet. It looks like it hasn’t been posted on here before. I’ll make a post about in the games section.