Brain Training on the Arduboy

Since hearing about the Arduboy I have been convinced it would be a great way to keep your mind sharp in those moments during the day when you have a little spare time. I also thought that the “Brain Training” on the Nintendo ™ DS was a really good way to exercise the mind.

So I decided to start developing a Brain Training App for the Arduboy.

I’ve called it “Brain-du Train” and have built the basic framework for the code. Now I just need to insert the individual brain training activities.

For these i’ve come up with:

  • Maths (or Math if you’re from across the pond)
  • Fast Response
  • Counting (with a memory element)
  • Remembering a sequence
  • Spot the difference
  • Mimic on screen actions
  • Read a clock face

These are just a starting point for ideas, i would like more suggestions.
I’m also going to include a “random” mode that will select a random activity as well as a “Gauntlet” mode that with run through all activities one-by-one.

All activities are time restricted and the player will fail if the timer runs out.

Hopefully the EEPROM can keep track of how the player’s score improves over time and display a graph.

Hope you like my ideas so far. I’m setting up a GitHub repository for my work so far.


Brain-du Train sounds awesome! Here are a few mini game suggestions.

  1. A which item is heavier game
  2. Spelling Game
  3. Multiple choice questions or logic puzzle
    Anyway, any update on the status of Brain-Du Train and do you have a link for your GitHub repository! Peace and prosper :grinning::v:

Where can I download this? :grinning:


The code so far is here:

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to do any more than the framework, this means that there are actually no working activities currently coded. Feel free to write your own though.

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