Breadboy a 100% non soldering Homemade Arduboy

Using 4 regular 1.5V Batteries gives 6V indeed. This is not a problem as the battery voltage is connected to the Vin pin which can handle higher voltages.

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Is RAW the same as VIN? On my board I see RAW but no VIN.

If your battery voltage is above 5V you should use the RAW pin.

Yes the RAW pin (on a Pro Micro) has the same function as VIN (on a Arduino Micro).

Sorry if this is too late. I have a fix for that. When it happens to me, I go to tools/flash select and I select “original” instead of “official”. Works like a charm for me, sorry if this may be a bit late.

Can you expand on that? I really have no idea what you mean.

When a flash chip is added to your Homemade Arduboy then in order to store and load games from it, you need to update your Pro Micro (or other compatile Arduino) boards bootloader.

Once you have updated the bootloader a flash image (collection of games) can be stored into the flash chip by following above mentioned instructions.

This is what I am confused with. Also, by “updating the bootloader” do you mean flashing the Cathy 3K bootloader?