Breaking Point - Game Jam 3.0


In Breaking Point you take control of a ship that navigates an asteroid field, and the only way out is to ram your way through the rocks flying your way. Properly time your presses of the A button to make it through while you maneuver with the up and down buttons, but watch out, if you time it wrong you’ll only have one more life to redeem yourself!

This game is meant to fit the Space Plan topic for Game Jam 3.0. It is currently bare bones as finals are this week and it became a bit of a time crunch adding certain features.



  • Up: Moves the player-controlled ship up
  • Down: Moves the player-controller ship down
  • A Button: When timed correctly allows the player to pass through asteroids

Game Files

Git repository located here:

Thanks for playing!


Nice work! You might end up winning the prize for the last submission :sweat_smile:

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It looks like I spoke far too soon!

Your link to you git is broken. Need to play all space plan games.

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We are doing a server migration this morning, hopefully it will be back up in a few hours.

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@fredster You can now find a list of all Game Jam .hex files on the Game Jam 3 voting thread: [POLL] Game Jam 3 Vote!

You can now find a copy of Breaking Point’s .hex file (and an online ProjectABE emulator link) on the Game Jam 3 polling page: [POLL] Game Jam 3 Vote!

If the original game links are not working, then you can use the following links to play the game: