Broken Switch

my arduboys power switch just snapped off while I was trying to power on. I’ve had the thing for less than 2 weeks and the shell is all scratched, it came with a screw missing on the back, and now this. I’m really mad because this is a really fun development platform and I wanted to learn how to code using this.

Contact support via the main website. That does not sound normal. The scratches are expected (the shell is not very hard)

Wow … I have a few Arduboys and none of them are overly scratched but then I do not put them in my pocket with keys or anything. I have also never had a problem with the switches either. You must have been really unlucky!

Yeah I emailed the main support and then I emailed amazon cause that’s where I got it (it’s the official one by the way) and we will see what happens

I could be wrong, but I don’t think Arduboy Inc sells directly through Amazon,
so it’s probably the fault of a 3rd party distributor.

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It says “by Arduboy” under the item name

It seems that it also says “Ships from and sold by RobotShop Inc…”

Which is, as far as I’m aware, nothing to do with Arduboy Inc.
If you click on that link it takes you to the seller’s page,
which states they’re based in Quebec.

(I could be wrong, I don’t actually use Amazon so I’m not really used to their interface.)

To be clear, I’m just trying to make sure you’re complaining to the right person,
otherwise you could end up wasting time barking up the wrong tree.

Oh I didn’t see that. And don’t get me wrong I love this company it’s great so I’m trying to get this problem fixed so I could rejoin this community! Oh and we are just waiting for the arduboy main support to contact me which will probably Be on Monday or Tuesday. Or amazon will take care of it themselves. So I think we should just leave it at this! Thank you guys for all your help cya later!