Build Code for Arduboy Uploader

Hi, so I’m new to actually having and using an Arduboy. I picked up a non-FX, so I’ve been swapping games and trying out. I’ve noticed not all games are available to download already “built” and ready to be used by the Arduboy Uploader program (unless I’m totally not understanding where to download), so I believe these games need to be built in Arduino and uploaded. I’m currently trying to do so with Ardynia, and I finally resolved all errors in compiling, but it’s taking super long to upload (update: it failed), and I’d like to not have to do this process every time. Is there a way I can build them and export the compiled games to my hard drive for future use “hot swapping” games with the Arduboy Uploader program? There must be something I’m missing to do this, seeing as some games come packaged to download like that already (I.e. Catacombs of the Damned and Arduventure [which I actually can’t get to upload for some reason]).

Thank you all in advance!

Check out Eried’s Unofficial Repository

Cool, so I just have it all hooked up and on and click the “upload to arduboy” to transfer the file?

And any chance there’s something I’m missing on that site to create an offline backup of whatever games I really enjoy to have if I’m away from WiFi (or if they’re ever gone, but I’m sure another user would have a copy)

I’m sure soon enough I’m going to upgrade to an FX. I’m decently technically inclined but I have extremely limited soldering experience so I’m not sure I would want to risk soldering the chip into this Kickstarter edition

No, that downloads the .hex file. You’d then use whatever ‘uploader’ tool you have to upload the .hex file to your Arduboy. If you keep the downloaded file safe then it’ll be there whenever you need it.

Alternatively you can just download the lot in one go from the repo:

It’s about 52MB total.

No, not every game will be pre-built. Many games are distributed as source code, mainly because of the open source nature of Arduboy games, but also because it’s usually not hard to compile them - you just open then in the Arduino IDE and use the ‘compile and upload’ button and 9 times out of 10 the game compiles and uploads to a connected Arduboy without any issue (assuming the settings are correct - Arduino Leonardo and the appropriate port).

Some of us don’t even bother with an uploader, we just compile from source each time.

That said, it’s possible to generate a .hex file from the Arduino IDE. (Which is precisely how they come to exist in the first place.)


Yeah, after playing around with it and researching I think my big issue was not having everything applied and installed correctly (the set up process); had to move around and rename some folders for everything to work properly. I’ve loaded up two more games (another one failed but I’ll figure that out another day), currently have Arduventure on there so hopefully that removal process goes through without a hitch when I’m done with it.

I’ll likely compile and export the games I like and back them up (that is allowed right? Considering everything is open source and it’s be for personal use I don’t think that would be a problem).

Thank you for the help!

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Legally speaking, different games have different licences so technically in some cases you’re theoretically not allowed, or there are other restrictions. (I can go into more details if you want all the ins and outs, but most people find licences a bit tedious.)

In practice, you’re not likely to get any complaints from anyone if you’re just keeping .hex files for personal use or sharing .hex files with friends. Some people might not be happy if you decided to host the .hex files online though.

(Note that the games in Eried’s collection are mainly donated by their authors or Eried has asked for permission to host them. Team ARG are an example of one of the few who refused permission.)