Build your own Arduboy FX Cart Image


You can see from the links above that I can allow you only to pick from a subset of items - such as Filmote’s curated list. I can add all your compiled games into a different directory (the games happen to be sorted into categories already but that’s sort of irrelevant when you can move them around) and we can create a ‘Clintonium curated list’ that allows people to only select from those items on that list (and have been compiled with your flags).

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@Mr.Blinky and I have been hard at work and added a bunch of new features.

Firstly, you can click on an image and see a larger image, any details that have been entered about the game (not many have any), version numbers and an embedded ProjectABE iinstance allowing you to play the game!

Next up, we have a search function for the games that are not yet in the cart. You can search on the name or the developer.

After typing in ‘Lo’ in the search box, the items are reduce to just those entries where the game’s title contains ‘Lo’. It will also show those entries where the developer’s name begins with ‘Lo’.


Ben, what were these games? I will add them in properly for others to consume if you like.

@filmote, the games are Ravine Despoiler and Beam 'Em Up!. I recently updated both GitHub repos with cart-ready artwork.

Excellent - I will add them!


8BitCade XL Support!

I have added a couple of URLs into the original post for those using an 8BitCade XL. @clintonium-119, this is how I would add support for your homemade device.

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Update: This Arduboy and 8BitCade XL cart images now include the new PPOT game OBS.


I have added the ability to download a single game from the information tab. This might be handy for those titles that are not on the Arduboy site or just plain hard to find.


I noticed several games I’d not heard of before on the retro achievements site, might pull from there if you haven’t already.

I’ll have a look. I also noted the XL cart has some games that aren’t on the FX cart - not the Gamebuino conversions but a few others.

I have added these new games to the full list:

  • Cooties Attack
  • Long Cat
  • ArduGods
  • Starduino / Turbo Starduino
  • Monpals
  • The Social Distance Game
  • The Crawl
  • Rick and Morty Game

I left out Starduino and Rick and Morty game for IP reasons (obviously)

@filmote I think you forgot Steve! My son was asking if there was a better chrome dino game, and I told him there wasn’t. He’s gonna love this one :slight_smile:

Oh this is nice, it will really help when my arduboy FX arrives. I’ve been making a little game already (a port of a simple gameboy puzzle game i once made) and this will surely help getting the game on my FX and have the games on my FX updated

Woah, that’s neat! I will definitely try it :slightly_smiling_face:. Just out of curiosity, would this work on a W25Q128 flash chip?

Just added ArduGolf (18-Hole Mini Golf) and and ArduChess by @brow1067 to the Arduboy and 8BitCade XL cart!

These are two amazing games.

If you can flash the chip using @Mr.Blinky’s python script then the answer is yes (as that’s what you use).

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But does the chip have enough storage (or whatever the thing is I forgot the name) to store all of the games in “the whole enchilada” option? It’s been a while since I used the flash chip :sweat_smile:

For sure. I have over 150 games on a flash chip half the size as yours, and I’m using less than half of the available memory.

Does this version of the cart builder also have the patcher that ads the up-down reset feature if it’s not using the Arduboy2 library?

Yes. it patches games just like the python tool does. All games are patched unless that game uses a custom ISR (they are most likely already compiled with the button Combo)

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what happens to games i might be uploading ? Do other people see these as well or do only i see these in my current sessions and do they get cleared afterwards ? I might be tempted to upload a test build of the game i’m working on. It’s not finished so i don’t want it to get spread around just yet but it would be nice if i could somehow get it into one of the sections in my FX menu so i could test other games as well as show my game to some people. when testing the game at home this no issue as i just can press A button to launch my game after having uploaded it but if i start another game it gets overwritten so only solutions is to add it somehow to the FX default game listings.

Edit: i managed to backup the original fx data, downloaded the bin file from the complete image and inserted my game locally using the python tools from mr.blinky. I also have some extra games in the mean time :slight_smile: