Build your own Arduboy FX Cart Image

@brow1067 could the FX save data be saved to a browser cookie?

Or maybe as WEB Storage?

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I use private browsing so when I close the window the cookies get deleted :pensive:

I saw this thing one time where the save was like a downloaded file, and then the next time you play you upload that file. Could that work?

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The debugger already uses IndexedDB to persist settings, and that could be expanded to save FX data in both debugger and player. I have thought about this before and agree it’d be pretty handy but I need to iron out some details:

  1. What data should be stored. Full 16 MB state, or track “saved sectors” by noting whenever a sector is erased or a page within a sector is programmed: preferably the latter.
  2. What happens when a game is loaded and overwrites the FX data, including “saved” sectors. Might not matter if each game has its own page and only ever loads the FX data for a single game.
  3. When the data should be persisted. Probably not good to do it every FX erase/program operation. Should be solvable, like after N seconds of erase/program inactivity following some erase or program, persist the FX state.

This functionality currently exists in the debugger but not the player: press F4 to download a snapshot file of the current game state, including all FX data. The snapshot also includes the data for the full game itself, and you can resume by opening the snapshot file in the debugger next time (no need to load the game first).


Thanks to the work @Ozzymandias0 did, I have created a cart here for devices based on a Pro-Micro with a standard SSD1306 but using the Pin0/D2/Rx Flash select.

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Two new additions - KPA Quest and Creapawn - take it out to 390 titles.


Is there something wrong with CyberHack? Tried playing it on my Arduboy today but after loading, the blue LED quickly flashed then nothing happened. Because I was able to hold Up + Down to go back to the bootloader menu, I’d assume something’s up with the game and not my Arduboy? Also, on the website, when I try to play it in the emulator, nothing happens, just like on my Arduboy.

Definitely seems like an issue with the .hex.

I will have to have a look … sounds broke.

Edit: Fixed.

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It’s been a while since i checked here (acquired a playdate handheld), i noticed my waternet game says it does not use eeprom but thats not true, it does use EEPROM and the addresses are written here on my github page i did not immediately saw a way so i could edit the wrong info as i think that eeprom settings thing got added after waternet was added to the site, so just mentioning it in this reply

Start address: 493
End address:505
Bytes used: 13

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Thanks to @karl_williams and @fven we now have 393 games in the standard cart!

Also @joyrider3774, I have updated the EEPROM settings for your game too.


Thanks Simon!

Hi everyone is there some kind of guide on how to upload your own cart image? What I mean is that I have no idea how to actually upload it to the Arduboy. Hopefully, someone can help.

Thanks in advance!

The flashcart website has instructions for one method when you download the flash image:

The link to Mr. Blinky’s Python utilities is here.


I probably should have looked a bit closer for the instructions.

And @Primm’s Squid Game makes 395!


@wesbat’s Mini Pomodoro Timer makes 396! So close to 400.


Thanks, @filmote :smile:

@marggines 's Exolon for 397!


Thanks to @Primm, @nchpmn and @TropicAnthropic we have 400!

I still need to add Dr.Boy Endless Runner and Groove Battle.


@TropicAnthropic has added another game:

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